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We're one of the top 5 children’s hospitals and pediatric research institutes in the United States.

“The time is always right to do what is right” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, we’re honored to partner with @unitedway to provide hands-on help for local organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our community. Seattle Children’s employees and their friends and families are serving at the Federal Way Senior Center, @theamarafamily, @spectrum_dance_theater, WA Autism Alliance & Advocacy and @kingcountyparks

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“Children’s has given Kelahna the life she has. It has never been just, ‘Is she functioning?’ They have always asked, ‘Is she functioning well in her community?’” – Amy, Kelahna’s mom.

Happily, she is. At age 11, she has undergone 35 surgeries at Seattle Children’s and seen providers and nurses from urology, orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine and neurosurgery — and the list goes on. But one person is always part of her care team, Dr. Walker.

Dr. Walker and his neurodevelopmental team take a holistic look at their patients, including what’s happening in their family, their school, their community — and of course their medical health, behavior and development — and work to improve their quality of life. “He is our go-to person. He takes all of my questions and helps me navigate other teams. There are so many doctors and care providers; I can’t express how critical it has been for us to have this one consistent presence, and for it to be Dr. Walker.”
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Way to go @coltonsarmyguild! This week's @strongagainstcancer VIP is a seriously STRONG @seattlechildrens guild known as #coltonsarmyguild. 16-year-old Colton has fought acute lymphoblastic #leukemia 5 times the last 7 years. He is a #StrongAgainstCancer champion with an army of supporters. We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication to the fight against cancer! #childhoodcancer #beatcancer #seattlechildrens ・・・
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Can diet alone be used to treat Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis? At Seattle Children’s, the answer is yes it can. Here, there are many alternative treatment options that can help children feel better and reduce inflammation without medication or steroids.
In October 2013, Nicole noticed something wasn’t quite right with her then 8-year-old daughter Adelynne. After multiple emergency room visits, Adelynne was admitted to Seattle Children’s where she met Dr. Suskind and was given a diagnosis: Crohn’s disease. “Dr. Suskind walked us through the various treatment options,” said Nicole. “He told us to think about which one we felt was best for our family. I didn’t want Adelynne to suffer the life-long side effects from medication or steroids. The diet was our best option.” Today, Adelynne has been in clinical remission for more than two years. She’s a healthy, happy and thriving 11-year-old girl. “I can’t believe how far we’ve come. When we first walked into Seattle Children’s, she was an 8-year-old girl who was barely heavier than our 4-year-old. Now, she’s growing and foods are no longer an enemy.” “I don’t have the words to thank Dr. Suskind for what he did for us,” said Nicole. “We are so in love with that man. He’s an extraordinary doctor who weighed our concerns and continues to walk us through everything. To have a doctor that is willing to explore other options and is willing to try new things, it’s incredible. He listened to us and was our advocate when we needed one.” #crohns #crohnsdisease #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #cureibd #ibdawareness #ibdwarrior #seattlechildrens #seattlechildrenshospital #seattlechildrensresearchinstitute

The Polar Place Market makes shopping easy for families at Seattle Children’s. Thanks to generous donations from the community, families who will be in the hospital for Christmas can fill up their stockings and hand pick the perfect gift from hundreds of new toys and games for all of their kids without having to leave the hospital.

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Thanks to @Amazon, children at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic got a BIG surprise — a large Amazon gift box filled with wrapped toys and Kindles. “We came to the clinic today for a flu shot,” said mom, Jessica. “We didn’t expect this. It’s such a good surprise and we’re really grateful to Amazon. My children can’t wait to open their presents.” Amazon donated $10,000 worth of items for children of all ages from Seattle Children’s Amazon wish list.

Little Zayden, 12 months old, didn’t know what to think of the special delivery, but his mother Asia couldn’t stop smiling. This time last year, Zayden was in the NICU at Seattle Children’s. He was born early and weighed only two pounds. “We’ve been coming to Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic every month for checkups,” said Asia. “Today was a big surprise. You always know something good will happen when you visit the clinic, but today was beyond what we had imagined.” #GivingBack #HappyHolidays #Amazon #holidays #christmas #hospitallife #seattlechildrens #seattlechildrenshospital #nicugrad #nicu

This #StrongAgainstCancer cutie believes that @dangerusswilson and the @seahawks can beat the Rams tonight! If you agree with Massy, let's hear it in the comments! #GoHawks! #LAvsSEA
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Thank you to everyone who made today’s #OneBigKISS for Seattle Children's a huge success. Your generosity helped raise $783,957.14 to support greatest needs at Seattle Children's! This will help the hospital provide care where it’s needed most. THANK YOU!

Every time we see #kidshelpingkids it melts our ❤️. Thank you Jaimy for donating your piggy bank to #OneBigKISS!

We're so happy that our friend Savanna stopped by #OneBigKISS to spread a little holiday cheer with @thebendernation and @mollymesnick. This little one has the biggest heart. She just gave hugs and thanked all of our amazing volunteers in the phone bank.

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We're LIVE at from @seattlechildrens for Bender's #OneBigKiss! Help us help the kids, and make a donation today! There are a number of ways you can donate, head to the link in our bio to check it out! #letsgetamillion

Congratulation to the 2016 🏆 @MLS Cup-winning #Seattle @SoundersFC! Today your fans at Seattle Children's are celebrating you scoring the ultimate goal. #ThisMoment
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Thank you to everyone who tuned in for our Miracle Season telethon on @KOMO4. Together you raised over $135,000 to help ensure that every child in our region who needs the care of Seattle Children’s expert doctors and nurses can get it.

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One Big KISS for Seattle Children’s Radiothon is less than a week away. Tune in to 106.1 KISS FM next Wednesday, to hear heartwarming and inspiring stories of our patients, families and staff live from Seattle Children’s during a 13-hour Radiothon. Will you help @thebendernation and @mollymesnick and break last year’s total of $805,333? ・・・ Cutest. Thing. Ever😊 This is Savanna. She's 3 and is bravely battling Leukemia. She also just got to go home!! BUT there are many kids @seattlechildrens that will spend the holidays at the hospital. That's why we're going to THEM! Our #onebigkiss for Seattle Children's Hospital Radiothon is next Wednesday. You can help right now by donating at #letsgetamillion #benderselfie
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The @showbox was officially ROCKED on Saturday night for the 5th annual @smoochforkids concert benefiting uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s. Guests went above and beyond raising over $3,005,000! Thank you to all the talented chefs, wine makers, performers and sponsors for making it a fabulous time for all!

Skyler was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive brain tumor at age seven and spent 10 months at Seattle Children’s undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.
Today, Skyler is giving back to the hospital that saved him. He plans to make 100 “Puppet Patients” kits for his @boyscoutsofamerica Eagle Scout project to make sure no child at Seattle Children’s Hospital feels alone. Each kit comes with a build-your-own sock puppet that kids can personalize, adoption papers and a DVD with inspiring and uplifting messages. “I really wanted to give back to the hospital that helped me so much,” said Skyler. “If I was there at the hospital with the kids, I would tell them that yes, this is a hard time and it may be scary, but you are here for a purpose. You are going to have brighter days ahead. That future is better than what you are experiencing and going through right now. You’re going to get through this.” Skyler hopes the sock puppets help take the scariness out of the hospital and bring children and their families a little bit of joy.
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Thank you to everyone who celebrated #GivingTuesday by supporting patients, like Bowen, and their families! Your gifts help make lifesaving care and research possible and we are incredibly grateful!
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Today is #GivingTuesday and thanks to the generosity of donors like you, patients like Bowen have hope for a healthy future. Donations make lifesaving pediatric care and research possible. Please give today so patients like Bowen never have to skip a beat. See the link in our bio.

Without immediate, expert treatment, Bowen would have died. But thanks to the generosity of our donors, Seattle Children’s engineers and researchers created a 3-D model of his heart, allowing surgeons to practice the delicate surgery before performing it. The end result: Bowen’s life was saved. Make a gift to Seattle Children’s tomorrow, on #GivingTuesday, so more children like Bowen can receive lifesaving medical care. See the link in our bio.

Thank you for inspiring hope and healing. From everyone at Seattle Children's, we wish you a joyous Thanksgiving holiday.

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Landon's family has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Please join us in helping 3 1/2-year-old Landon and his family celebrate this incredible milestone:

Yesterday was a pretty special day for all of us. Landon completed his last day of chemotherapy!! So far this year he's spent close to 90 days in the hospital with more to come. Landon's treatment will continue with Radiation and Immunotherapy, but the chemo is done!!! He's been sooo strong and continues to slay this dragon. #landonstrong #beatchildhoodcancer #nomorechemo #childhoodcancerawareness ・・・
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Baby Wesley continues to touch the hearts of many at Seattle Children’s, including @Ciara and @DangeRussWilson. Please join us in sending wishes of peace to him and his family.

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In today's battle of the birds, Chanon and his mom are rooting for the @Seahawks! If you are too, leave a comment for @dangerusswilson below! #GoHawks #WeAre12 #PHIvsSEA #StrongAgainstCancer

You know what makes us want to celebrate? @dangerusswilson's cancer-fighting touchdowns! Share your touchdown celebrations with us and visit When you pledge a donation for every touchdown Russell scores this season, @alaskaair will match it up to $50,000. This means you can make a BIG difference for kids fighting cancer and their families. Now show us your moves! #StrongAgainstCancer #GoHawks #WeAre12
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In honor of #WorldPrematurityDay, we’re excited to share Brewer’s incredible story:
Three years and three weeks ago, my son, Brewer, was born. He was 4lbs 14oz and came six weeks early. Nothing in the world can actually prepare you for being a parent, let alone the parent of a preemie. At 18 hours old, Brewer was flown to Seattle Children's, and at 25 hours old, underwent surgery to repair duodenal atresia. He spent an additional 4 days in the NICU at Children's, and in total, we spent 4 weeks in Seattle with him as we waited for him to begin nursing and gain weight. Three days before Thanksgiving, Brewer came home. We still have yearly follow-ups with his surgeon, Dr. Javid, but by all appearances, Brewer has made a complete and successful recovery. Years ago, without places like Kadlec NICU and Seattle Children's, or organizations like March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House, our experience would have been very different. Thank you to every doctor, nurse, cafeteria worker, flight nurse, pilot, ambulance driver, child life specialist, OT, fellow NICU parent, etc. that changed our lives that day and every day since. Our advice to other parents of preemies: Give yourself permission to leave the hospital if you need a break. Our ability to care for others often comes at the expense of caring for ourselves.❤️
Eric, Erica, & Brewer ・・・
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Seattle Children's operating room team struck a pose for the ultimate #mannequinchallenge

@dangerusswilson delivered his new signature @nikeyoungathletes training shoes to Mason and his excitement was beyond anything we could have imagined. @theellenshow we have a guest for you...

@Dangerusswilson and Tuesdays with families at Seattle Children’s make the perfect pair. This afternoon he surprised patient families with his new signature @nikeyoungathletes shoes. Thank you for the new kicks, Russell and @nike!

Take a stroll through South Lake Union and explore big ideas in a self-guided Innovators Tour at @seattlechildrens, @fredhutch, @mohaiseattle, @gatesfoundation and @pacsci. Visit all five, share your photos and use #InSLU. To learn more, go to or click the link in our profile.

Sophia and Preston’s mom is hopeful that research at Seattle Children’s could lead to a cure for their type 1 diabetes. “We could change my children’s future,” says Julie Nguyen. #WDD #seattlechildrens #seattlechildrenshospital #seattlechildrensresearchinstitute

Autumn says, "Let's deflate those Patriots!" If you could give @dangerusswilson and his @seahawks teammates a pep talk before today's game, what would you say? #GoHawks! #WeAre12 #StrongAgainstCancer #SEAvsNE ・・・#Repost @strongagainstcancer

Music loving Massey is ending her week on a high note thanks to @Macklemore! ❤️ 🎶 #StrongAgainstCancer

Kinsey is going home today! Her stay ended early with a pretty sweet parting gift, a visit from @Macklemore. Please join us in sending Kinsey the best wishes as she continues to be @StrongAgainstCancer.

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