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Pretty Little Clips n Things.

Stunning Nior Lace Bow Still Available Online While Stocks Last... prettylittleclips.bigcartel.com

HastaVem👈 Founder: Reena Sujai

Teaser of Upcoming Launches.
Handloom has a new Look 👏👏. Sale Starts 23 January, 12 Noon.
Stay Tuned.😊😊😊 #Hastavem #IWearhandloom #handloom

HastaVem👈 Founder: Reena Sujai

Peacocks.. brown..yellow and red..
Brown Chettinad Sari paired with Peacock print kalamkari fabric.
Up for Sale.
Price 1250 inr with free shipping.

#iwearhandloom #Chettinad #cottons #kalamkari

Zorya Candles

Every Zorya box is hand embellished with beautiful sealing wax. #unquie #soycandles #soymelts #soy #soywax #sealingwax #artisan #zoryacandles

Ezzy To Eden

I've been pretty religious about wearing Quartz. It just makes everything better! In the gemstone world Quartz is kinda like a booster pack. ✨
Quartz is known as a master healer that promotes balance of the chakras. It helps clear the mind of negative or distracting energy for effective meditation. It is also known to be a major amplifier of personal and environmental energy as well as that of other gemstones. UPDATE- SOLD OUT


@krazycatpromotions is willing to create a fan merchandize for me. He's design looks sick. Thank you so much for helping me out loads.


HastaVem👈 Founder: Reena Sujai

It's been a wonderful 6 months since hastavem was established. A throwback on What we are, why we are ,and what we want to do.

We are into the second phase ,of building an e-commerce platform and enroute to build our presence in different geography.
Hope we continue to get the motivation and confidence from each customer who held our hand till now in promoting handloom saris .it's a long road ahead. 👍👍
On a closing note "Even the Gods Wear Hastavem"😊😊😊

HastaVem👈 Founder: Reena Sujai

Booked by Dear @divyarajnarain
When warli met Chettinad😊
3 part handloom Chettinad cotton sari paired with warli print fabric.

Price 1250 inr with free shipping.🛫
#iwearhandloom #handloom #Chettinad #warli

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