Hey, I'm Kai 👋🏾

I've always wanted to learn to surf! I think that's going to be a goal of mine when I hit Byron Bay, Australia!!! It's one of the best spots to learn how to surf on the globe! I'm ready to experience my first wave and probably my first wipe out 😂😂😂😂! #Australia #Nature #OceanVibes #BeachVibes #Surfing #TheDestinedGypsy 🇦🇺💕


Be colourful, be light hearted. It's so much fun. You naturally bring light, laughter and love into other people's lives and your own. 😊

Mia Hela

Beautiful life 🌊🌅🌊🌎🌅
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The remedy to your struggles lies right in front of your eyes, in nature. Nature is a healer, and the most beneficial anti-depressant that you won't see being pushed my big pharmaceutical companies. It has all the ingredients you need to help cure your worries. Spend some time each day by the seaside or next to the forest, hearing the sound of the ocean roaring or the leaves rustling. I promise you nature will have you addicted but for all the right reasons! Whenever I feel my patients dwindling or I become to feel frustrated I take a step out in nature to help calm my soul, I can now tell when I am in need of my wilderness time. I guarantee you won't be disappointed by Mother Earth, as she is here to help you and wash away any worries on your mind. #lovenature #earthchild #motherearth #healingtime #goodvibes #wildernessculture #oceanvibes #saltyair

Beautiful Resorts 🌴☀️

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Peter Rimkus

Sunday Sessions
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Edgar Samaniego

Buscando hoy la Energía Positiva del Oceano me Encontré con esto!! 🙌🏻🌄 #Sunset #panamacanal #peaceful #landscape #oceanvibes #waterways

◈ W H I T N E Y ◈

Doesn't matter where I am on this big beautiful planet, if there is a dog around, you can find me on the ground lovin on it. Just hanging with a beach pup, on an island, LIVIN THE DREAM! 🐶🌴🌊


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Danielle Dunn

Winter Paddle Boarding!! Searching for seals! #paddleboarding #oceanvibes #launchlife #seals

Putri J. Rahma

I don't wanna leave this place, seriously. 🌊🌴

[ #lombok #gilitrawangan #indonesia #explorelombok #goodvibes #oceanvibes ]

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The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. - Wyland 💙✌🏻

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