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LONDON // Reminds me of the movie 'The Italian Job' with Mini Coopers, sunshine and beautiful buildings. 🌞

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You know what I love? Hexagonal tiles. You know what I love more? Hexagonal tiles combined with pasta, wall gardens and succulents. @Wolf_restaurant has all three.

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Noopur Joshi

LONDON // Belgravia is crazy! ✨

Skye O'Neill

I need to go back to Hampstead soon if only to visit this beautiful looking shop.👌🏻
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Socks first, then shoes and taking refuge on a cold day in a humid old pub are probably two of the best modern-day traditions.


'Freedom lies in being bold.' Robert Frost


The inside of Persephone Books begs you to stay awhile, and I believe that they wouldn't mind if you sat down and asked to join them for tea and a chat. I didn't do that though because I don't think flash book clubs are a thing yet, and because I was too busy looking at the neatly organized stacks of grey books.

Persephone is probably the most specialized and curated bookshop in London. And one you should visit. They republish the works of neglected women writers from the (mid) twentieth century.

I can never decide if I choose a book based on the neatly typed descriptions or by the individually designed fabric endpapers. The papers have a huge influence, I'm sure of it, because I shamelessly buy books based on their covers on the regular. This time I picked up, The Far Cry by Emma Smith for both the description and the endpaper, so it feels like a good balance. Lydia, I will be back for my bookmark! 😉

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Day 4️⃣ #instaphotomission 'Look Up' If you stuck and can't come up with an idea, simply look up! What do you do when you need to boost your creativity or find inspiration?

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Uh oh...exhausted already and it's only Tuesday...

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'The world is changed by your example. Not by your opinion.' - Paolo Coehlo

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LONDON // Misty-rious London 🙈

Fracas Studios

Totally safe for work! Calling all London peeps or those near by- my solo show Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner has 3 upcoming performances. The first this Saturday, 28th Jan! The show takes place in different living rooms across the city. It's a night of storytelling and good ole fashioned fun. If you love something new and/or Fringey theatre get your tickets now. Link to tix in bio! And now back to our regularly scheduled programming of doors. (📸 by @melanieleigh!!! 🏡 by @beeinmybonnet)

Katya Jackson ✖️ London

Streets of East London 😍
For Russian Speakers🇷🇺:
Друзья, хочу поделиться с вами интересной возможностью! Мои замечательные партнерс ин крайм, блогеры, предприниматели и просто великолепные девушки @bigcitymums и @varyagina (основатель @StartBlogUp) проводят нереальную акцию - 3 бесплатных совета как улучшить ваш блог. Дамы знают своё дело ОТ и ДО, проводят тренинги и курсы, и знают просто миллион фишек в блогинге. Подробности в профиле Кати @bigcitymums . А если у вас еще нет блога, но вы хотите/мечтаете/планируете, то я очень рекомендую заглянуть к девушкам 📕🖋📊📆 Интересно почитать в комментариях у кого есть блог и о чем он 😊

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Pretty Paws - the cutest shop name in London? 🐾🐾🐾

Designed to kick your ass™

#london #travelblogger | Honoring today's fog 😍 The pic is from a while ago tho, but the fog is always fog 😂 | #londoner #travelphotographer

HR Photo 📷

An old photo taken around 2011

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Today is a very good day 😁

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