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So this year I had a number of intentions that I am committing to.
One was staying in my own lane. One was acting with intent and purpose. Another was to move daily.
I want to discuss the last one.
We are only 17 days into the year and my body has already changed, people are noticing. But most importantly I am noticing. I am noticing it in the way I feel, the different muscles I forgot I had, the different experiences I am having with it. The way I feel lighter and more mentally clear. The way my flexibility is increasing. The way I'm feeling much more self acceptance.
I am not going out there and thrashing myself. Some days I wish I could (I miss HIIT!) but my adrenal fatigue has forced me to slow down just for a little while. So I do yoga almost daily. I'm walking weekly. I'm having dance-offs whilst cooking dinner. I'm outside playing with my dogs. I'm practicing handstands and backbends.
I'm only allowing myself space to incorporate the things I LOVE.
After battling with an obsessive scales addiction in the past, I don't own a set now. But I jumped on my mums the other day and 4kg of baggage has fallen off me in the past 17 days. Effortlessly. This isn't about weight loss, really. It's the fact that I'm lowering my cortisol levels, it's the fact that there is more joy in my movement and more love in my life, it's the fact that I'm aware if I didn't change things I was headed for burnout and potential thyroid dysfunction.
It's the fact that the respect I have for my body and for what it can do has sparked curiosity in moving it in different ways. Like remembering how good it was to intuitively dance like in a workshop I did at Wanderlust two years ago. Like the budokon class @kahleemelissa and I stumbled into the other day. Like my interest being resparked in calisthenics.
You have one body, and it can feel SO GOOD if you just create that space and commitment to you.

Boy Blue Entertainment

Meet and hear from the creative minds behind our new critically acclaimed show #BlakWhyteGray Co Founders and Artistic directors @mikey and @ Kenrick. Tickets for tonight's performance include a post show talk. Get your tickets now! http://bit.ly/2iqQ2tv #blakwhytegray #barbican #london #dance #hiphoptheatre #movement

Michael Balligand 🙃

EN - Planche progress before surgery. I usually post daily but due to rehab I don't have much to film so I'm slowing it down a bit. I feel quite tired physically but I'm hella good mentally, you can't break me with such things 😉👍 .
FR - Petite video de mes progrès en planche avant l'opération. J'ai l'habitude d'avoir un rythme d'upload plus élevé mais avec ce qui m'arrive je n'ai plus beaucoup de choses à poster. Physiquement c'est pas top mais on garde le mental au niveau intergalactique, il en faut plus pour m'atteindre 😉👍 #planche #tbt


🚦Si ademas de trabajar cm loc@ puedes disfrutar del camino... 🏄🏻‍♀️no vas a hacerlo????? YO SI!!!!!! He cambiado mi moto por el #surfskate en recorridos puramente urbanos y es una d las mejores decisiones que he tomado!!!!! para mis desplazamientos al trabajo, a los entrenos, etc... Entreno, me divierto y me lleva a hacer lo que mas me gusta, mientras practico para una d las cosas q mas feliz me hace...🌊🏄🏻‍♀️❤️🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 #coach #trainer #personaltrainer #vehiculodeempresa #movement #skate #longboard #fit #fitfam #fitness #surf #surfing #surfer #surftraining #longboardsurfing #sports #fitnessgirl #longboarding #skating #longboardspain #lovemyjob #deaquipalla #personaltraining #surfingtraining #lovingit #mermaid #sea #gym

Tierra Alysia

So simple ❤

Matheus Teixeira 🇧🇷 IFBB-ce

#TuesdayMotivation Admiro os bons, Respeito os melhores e me Motivo comigo msm a cada dia !!! Quando bate o cansaço e a fadiga, só vejo algumas fotos de trabalhos anteriores que a motivação e a vontade de evoluir a cada preparação volta !! #NoExcuses vamos para o aeróbio, pq não estou indo para O show @arnoldclassicsouthamerica á passeio.. Segue o Plano 🏆🏆🔥👊🏽

Ye Chen

Me and Hot Sizzle👏🏻🏀 @sizzman3 #blackandyellow

Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic

SIJ belts
The sacroiliac joints are two of the most important support centres of the body which help transfer forces from your spine to your legs. Spraining these ligaments may lead to pain, muscle spasms and postural imbalances throughout the body. These belts are also great for instability caused by pregnancy. The Serola sacroiliac belt is designed to compress and support this joint therefore relieving the pain. If you have pain in your low back speak to our team at middle park osteopathic clinic about how this belt may support you! #sacroiliacjointdysfunction #sacroiliacjoint #serolabelt #stability #movement #middleparkosteo #melbourneosteo #osteomelbourne #middleparkosteopathicclinic

24/7 Trades Ltd

We recently attended a leak at a customers property.
They had water coming through their ceiling downstairs, we located the problem to be the shower tiles, once removing the first one we could see that a poor job had been done previously and the tiles weren't supported correctly causing movement and then a leak.
The cheapest quotes aren't always the best 😬
The 24/7 Trades Team
T: 020 8501 0175
E: info@247-trades.com
W: www.247-trades.com
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Belinda Liana

In reality: Sick as a dog right now 😭 in @rusty_womens @tcss #rustywomens #tcss

Fresh FIX

The perfect eve!


Training Tuesday
Today's tip goes to coaches, however can be used for anyone when it comes to setting a goal and programming to achieve it. Have a watch!
Movement. Mindset. Mechanics
#HDS #movement #mindset #mechanics #canberracoach #strength #fitness #health #nutrition #keepitstrong #athlete #sport #athleticdevelopment #strong #strength #training #develop #grow #humanmovement #boxing #running #educate #learn #liveit #loveit #life

Felicity Cole

One of the best things you can do for your shoulder health is hanging. Hanging from a bar, a tree, ropes, rings, whatever you can find!

Start with trying to hang for 30 seconds and build from there. Vary the surface, the grip and try single arm and swinging too. •
Play around with different isometric holds, pulling yourself up and lowering with control.

For the Yogis you especially need to do this. Yoga uses your PUSHING muscles, to avoid imbalance in your body you need to use your PULLING muscles too. •
Climbing, scrambling and bouldering are awesome ways to build on this strength and compliment our mostly 'push' dominated lives. •
📷 @chrisfleet
#play #hanging #pullmuscles #strength #balance #shoulderhealth #yoga #londonfitness

Prince Michael U. (Makaveli)

This man was brought in to calm the so called blacks as they were in an uproar at the time seeking #Freedom. He was sent in to calm the #movement and tell us better days are coming in this broken system and we have been stagnant ever since. His march was controlled by the #Mason and #Illuminati. He was killed so he can never undo what he has done. They brought him in to offset the movement #MalcolmX brought. We were fighting for our right and segregation and seeking our true identity instead of trusting the elites would eventually make the system right for us. They needed us to be peaceful and stagnant slaves again and mission was successfully completed. Thank you Martin! Before he died he realized what he had done and was executed before he could attempt to reverse the damage he did to black Americans. This is why they constantly praise Martin Luther while Malcolm X is an after thought to the elites. Same method was used for #Biggy and #Tupac, #Tupac being the #Malcolm X and #Biggy the Martin Luther killed and dubbed King of hip hop while #Tupac is an after thought because of the rebellion he was bringing to the elites. #FalseProphetsClaimToHaveDreams. Jeremiah 23:25:- I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in the name, saying I have dreamed, I have dreamed. Deuteronomy 18:22:- When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Most High, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Most High hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him. ( we were kill him/stone him prior to grace)

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