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There is a light that never goes out.

Arjuwan Lakkdawala

Apollo 17 Liftoff from Moon - December 14, 1972 - Readers would you like me to add this video to my 'Alien technology' article? Link posted below.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HQfauGJaTs #Space #SpaceStation #Apollo #Moon #Mars #Nasa #Alien #Technology


Entonces él sonrió mientras yo le miraba.

Él me miró también
y las palabras no fueron necesarias
sabíamos lo que estaba pasando,
yo le devolví la sonrisa
aunque él no lo notó.

En ese momento aprendí
que las cosas que ocurren naturalmente
se convierten en extraordinarias con la persona correcta.

Nunca sabremos que pasará después,
pero con él ya tenía una corazonada.
Vale la pena el riesgo.
Esta vez he decido quedarme mirando hasta el final.



he hates me always it is seen by all the things that he does for others while for me nothing, I this I saw that the opening of this ig he was never in the days when I needed it, but I always I supported him even though he never did this, I actually understand it since there is no time but when the time for others though can't is only me ?? He likes comments and photos others but my comments he neither reads and noted here that he hates me so much do not consider anything to have at least consider me a forgotten fan. But I will always support it even though he does not know me. I miss a lot of another ig @endrissisyy because #Endri there not hate me so much @im_endrii #endritors #imalbanaaendrii #sdumeni #orteam #endriteam •I love you #Endri to the #moon and never #back• |Can you tag him please|


#BlackMoon #astrolar #astrology #lilithplacement #eighthouse #wisdomiseternaltruth in the 8th House
The chart's most metaphysical point in the house of sexuality, death, and occult magnetism. Black Moon in the 8th house can make sexuality awesome, sacred, magic: a ritual that puts you in touch with the deepest parts of your psyche. This position goes well with a need for extremes, and even a quest of the absolute in one's sexual experiences. But if the native is disconnected from the depth of his psyche, the result can be the opposite: an empty sexuality which does not create much satisfaction, or even a disinterest in sex. One step further and it can be a complete denial; Lilith is the one who says 'No!'. This denial is in reality a denial of one's inner conflicts. Through inner work, a complete turnaround can take place. With Black #Moon in the 8th house, the death of relatives or acquaintances is likely to have a profound psychological impact on the native. It can trigger deep crises, but also realisations, and therefore changes. In the house of #occult #magnetism, Black Moon can signify a natural affinity with secret laws of nature and a great intuition of the hidden things of life.

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