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Maxime Molinari

📷 Smooth evening

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When you have a delicious break outside warming up with another coffee.

Ester Durães

🇵🇹 Localizado na Normandia, o famoso Mont Saint-Michel fica bem no alto de um monte, onde foi construída uma abadia dedicada ao arcanjo São Miguel. Declarado património mundial da UNESCO, este vilarejo medieval é um local imperdível em França! //🇺🇸 Located in Normandy, the famous Mont Saint-Michel sits high on a hill, where an abbey was built dedicated to the archangel Saint Michael. Today a UNESCO world heritage site, this medieval village is a must-see in France!

Hérault Rando

With the chilly weather hopefully lifting soon from the #herault, plan your next outing into the #hautlanguedoc. -
The 'Chemin des legendes et ses milles marches' is a remote but well signed trip up the Somail climbing past the tumbling river 'Bureau' who, as legend has it, dragged the devil with it over the 'Saut de Vesoles'. A very special place indeed. Trail and gpx link on our Facebook page above.

Vanessa Liorit

Lever de soleil à #Langeais. Belle journée les amis, couvrez-vous 😘 | #TouraineNature

Vanessa Liorit

Le soleil se lève derrière le pont de #Langeais | #TouraineNature

Vanessa Liorit

❄Balade glaciale au lever du soleil... 🌬 | #TouraineNature

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