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I know talent when I see it. I got a 👀 and a👂 for it. It was just 3 months ago when I post #Stylex phone footage and thought he needs a big break. Check him out now! Doing shows alongside #Beanieman and getting bookings. Proud! Progress is a must


Matthew24:13-27 This appearance of Jesus to the two disciples going to Emmaus, happened the same day that he rose from the dead. It well becomes the disciples of Christ to talk together of his death and resurrection; thus they may improve one another's knowledge, refresh one another's memory, and stir up each other's devout affections. And where but two together are well employed in work of that kind, he will come to them, and make a third. Those who seek Christ, shall find him: he will manifest himself to those that inquire after him; and give knowledge to those who use the helps for knowledge which they have. No matter how it was, but so it was, they did not know him; he so ordering it, that they might the more freely discourse with him. Christ's disciples are often sad and sorrowful, even when they have reason to rejoice; but through the weakness of their faith, they cannot take the comfort offered to them. Though Christ is entered into his state of exaltation, yet he notices the sorrows of his disciples, and is afflicted in their afflictions. Those are strangers in Jerusalem, that know not of the death and sufferings of Jesus. Those who have the knowledge of Christ crucified, should seek to spread that knowledge. Our Lord Jesus reproved them for the weakness of their faith in the Scriptures of the Old Testament. Did we know more of the Divine counsels as far as they are made known in the Scriptures, we should not be subject to the perplexities we often entangle ourselves in. He shows them that
She(it) makes the comparison IN the tone of the ending of the sound of the word. In THE LIGHT IS EQUAL TO ALLAH LUMIÈRE🔣
🔣 باللغة الفرنسية تقول ان الشياطين لا اتكلم فى ضوء النهار. واضافت ان (البرلمان) يجعل المقارنة فى لهجة انتهاء صوت الكلمة. وفى ضوء ما يعادل الله LUMIERE🔣

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