Human Feathers

Got some movie tickets! Someone come with me? 📽🎬
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Candy Kiss 🍭💋

Visual Traveller™

Mood of the day 📷🔥
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#SPACEWHEEL — “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” 📷🔥
Photographer: @michaelste

Human Feathers

So adorable with their colorful skirts 👭⭐❤
Credit to @undesolate | #humanfeathers

Artem Poleshchuk

Engagement session in Italy.

Steven Cook

Another shot of my @loweprobags :) Refer to previous post!

Visualize Your Vision

w/ @shootsbyb:
[1/3] What´s up, much appreciation to each and everyone out there who´s taking his time to read this. It´s good you´re here because by doing that, you're following a certain interested we have in common. Let me add a little color to this later, and let me introduce myself real quick.
My name is Björn, that is Norwegian and stands for "Big Bear," what matches perfectly with me being [course word] 2m tall. I´ve raised up in multiple German cities and currently settled in Berlin; at least for now. I´m more of a big city guy, with more individual people shoot on the street and higher rooftops to climb and chill. I´ve been a huge fan of one American Hip Hop artist since I can remember, who is Mac Miller, and without even knowing he introduced me to important things in life and became a father figure to me. As a kid, I've spent a lot of time inside, especially in front of the computer designing logo´s and sampling, too, later on, find all the beauty outside after getting my camera with the age of 17. I feel as comfortable and free with nothing else than a camera in my hand, but still got a lot of self-judgment when it comes to the actual outcome - my pictures.
That´s the first of three I´m going to show you today, and lots more about my current life and plans, will be found in the next post.
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Steven Cook

Hey guys, I'm looking at building my portfolio up a bit.
I'm looking to take photos of people's products, whether that's clothes products, camera related products ect I can shoot it for you!
Initially these images will come as no cost to you, just a simple shout out on social media and or photo credit will do, you can use the images I take for you on whatever platform you may be using.
It's really a scratch my back and I'll scratch yours! If you are unsure on my style or whether I have what you need to get the images you need I'm more than happy to send you more samples of my work!
If you're interested to collaborate with me or would like some more details just drop a comment or send me an email @ photographybystevencook@gmail.com
Here's a photo I took my @loweprobags camera bag I use all the time!


• Upcoming sun

Awe Supply Co.

📷 Photo by @jasoncharleshill

Tag #AweSupply and @awesupply to submit your photo for a chance to be featured. Please include location of photo. Good luck.

Maja Rotovnik (Mikstejp)

A good breakfast can define your day, so take time to enjoy it. ☕️ I loved the choice at the buffet in the morning, so much of healthy things to choose from (take a peek at stories). ☺️ also, aint that book lovely? It's all about #hygge lately. 🙌🏼
#rogla #hotelnatura #punceposvoje #mikstejpfoodie

Rui Gaiola

Portuguese rough roads

Lente Oscura

@anamusea / Desfile inaugural de Carnaval 2017. Montevideo (1/6)
Integrante de la murga Don Timoteo, interactúa con niños del público. —Anabelle Castaño.

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🏄Salty Search Trip 1 - Cape Le Grand National Park🏄
@brinkleydavies drawing lines #froffergurl.
Day 5
Location - Lucky bay
Crew - @caitmiersphotography, @brinkleydavies @micgoetze @tyronswan @justjampal @stefcc
Highlights - str8 🏄🏄🏄
Drone - @djiglobal Inspire 1 Pro.
#saltywings #esperancetide #justanotherdayinwa #seeaustralia #capelegrand #djiglobal #fromwhereidrone #esperance #luckybay #surfingwa

Arran Witheford

Sunday vibes

Visit Faroe Islands

7/7. @boycalled / @boycalledweddings here for the final day of my takeover. Thanks so much for following along and for the awesome comments! This is Tjørnuvík, the northernmost village on the island of Streymoy. There's a calm and unhurried nature to the place in keeping with the rest of the Faroe Islands. Head to the beach or up on to the hill and you'll get amazing, open views to the sea stacks, Risin and Kelligin. #visitfaroeislands #faroeislands

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