you've got me seeing stars brighter than ever

carli jeen 👽

we're not apologizing


I'm already getting tired of my winter coat, SPRING WHERE U AT?????

Kyle Burkitt

(17/365) The last photo in my #3set of my beautiful girlfriend❤


& the back of Provocateur by TS. if you're ever interested in even liking this then please head over to my Twitter @ whitneymicaela for more on the book. it's magic ✨

Making $ for Dino Nuggets 👀

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Jahna Michelle Jimenez

When you leave me you take away everything // photo by: @jackbolga


never been, logic


Working with three people was definitely a challenge and a puzzle. However, these lovely muses made it easier on me.

Rachael Elizabeth Williams

groovy like a drive in movie. ✌🏼

Payton Hartsell

always remember how lucky you are to have yourself

Matthew Marro

Time is wasting away


Don't be afraid of being lost. Finding your way out can be the best adventure.

Khashena Walker

Because I'm a over thinker there's always a million and one things running through my mind but today I was surrounded by the warmth of the sun while listening to the lovely melody created by the waves crashing against each other which put my mind at ease and of course I fell asleep lol , all In all it was a perfect day. 👌🏾 📸// @jscottish
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Alex Sirek

mid terms are making me miss summer a little extra :(( #brandyusa


Enjoy this picture of @sage.higgs eating fries bc I have nothing to post atm 🍟

Ashley Klassen

🌊🌊🌊stay salty🌊🌊🌊

Gaby Scheer.

Live is really just one big dance. Sometimes I convince myself that if I can not do the perfect pirouette or don't have the nicest leotard then there is no point in even showing up to the recital. But our life isn't just the recital, the solo, the highlight reel. It's the behind the scenes, the long hours of sweat and practice. I am not going to watch my life dance on without me, I am going to jump full force into the unknown choreography, under prepared. Don't wait for three thousand dance lessons to pass, be unready and afraid and do it anyway. Because if I wait until I'm ready, if I wait until my new tap shoes arrive in the mail, I will have missed it. I will have missed this present moment, the only moment that truly breathes. Be patient with yourself, allow yourself to slip and trip, don't wait for perfection to arrive. It is never too late or too early. Make the choice to get up, strap on your dorky outdated chunky sketchers and get dancing. No one can do it quite like you and no one can do it for you. Don't do if for the applause, do it for your soul that craves a genuine life full of jumping and leaping and doing the Macarena. Do it for the Lord who created you to live big. I am going to live this one precious little life fully. I am going to dance my butt off.

amber ritschel

posting another b/w bc this was too cute not to post

Will Gammon

love liberates, it doesn't bind
w/ @redridingheadd

Maiya Buck ☼☽

I feel like I haven't taken pictures in a while and I'm sad about it.

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