Melanin mission

Good Morning @bohemeon let the light shine through ✊🏾✊🏾

Melissa Harris

Morning to all my mommies running behind their little ones.
It's easy to forget that they don't run the show, you do. °°°
Here's a gentle reminder not to get comfortable in the chaos. It's a new week, a new day, to try something different. Something that allows their spirits to roam free, but gives you the stability you need to stay sane. Don't be scared to show these little humans who's boss😉 #feelfree


Shout to all the sisters that didn't fall for the Okey-doke! Who don't claim to be feminists and are about empowerment for their community! Understand the WS don't differentiate between black women and men. Their agenda is to divide and Conquer. Peep game #blackeconomicempowerment #blackfamily #truth #love #staywoke #58%ofwhitewomenvotedfortrump

Duane Bonaparte

I need a ticket out of town to look around.

Melanin mission

Smiles Are So Necessary @vic_toryy

Melanin mission

It all starts with YOU 👊🏾

ElevateYourSuccess With MCA🚘💵👑

Me & my son at Disney On Ice yesterday! I love making him happy! You can tell by his facial expressions that he's Experiencing something he's never seen before lol🤗🤗Characters in full costume Ice skating ⛸ & Flying 🙌🏽I'm opening up the avenue to👉🏽happiness 😃😀😁‼☀️ Everything I do is for him ! I just want to give the chance to experience everything I never got to as a child! 🌠 Starting the year off in a Great Way🗽🎗2017 will be OUR🏆 This show is just the first of Many✨🌟 #DOUBLETAP IF YOU GOT LOVE FOR JUICEMAN❤️#ElevateYourSuccess #Love #Happy #BlackFamily #Peace

Duane Bonaparte

Follow the movement!! @melaninmission

Jonathan Henry

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life"
One of my favorite quotes I won't burn your ears off with my personal feelings on it. I will say the kids are the real Super Heros.. @1bizzybea #familyandmuscle #fitness #health #life #homegym #fitmom #marvel #batman #dccomics #superhero #dad #family #father #rap #music #dance #fitfam #blacklove #blackfamily #mother #kids #gotham #bodybuilding #relationshipgoals #marriage #fitkc #target #gym #workout #familyfirst


Live on the site today, my hubs is opening up about his contribution as a dad during breastfeeding. It's a must read!

A Dads Role During Breastfeeding: From A Father's Perspective: http://travelwiththerussells.com/2017/01/23/a-dads-role-during-breastfeeding/

Black Girls Pray.

Pretty hurts. God doesn't. #BlackGirlsPray

RBG Royalty

Just thought I'd put that into the universe. Ladies you can recite it out loud to do it on your own behalf and men replace woman with man you don't have to be left out 😊 Strive to be the person you want be by any means necessary. Morning y'all 👋🏾

Mason Black

When you're halfway across the world missing the homies.


from @theblacksantacompany - Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives. In 1968, she became the first African American woman elected to the United States Congress, and she represented New York's 12th Congressional District for seven terms from 1969 to 1983. In 1972, she became the first black candidate for a major party's nomination for President of the United States, and the first woman to run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.
Her campaign slogan was 'Unbought and Unbossed.' In 2015, Chisholm was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom #BlackHistory

ABlackLife LLC

Good Morning and Happy Monday! It's a new week! Last week is done! That means the problems of last week are over and I know some are saying no they carrying over but keep the nonsense in the past! You can get through your problems and reach your goals as long as you stay optimistic! Don't forget to support your family and friends! The smallest statement or gesture of love or affirmation can change someone! We love you all and have a great Monday! #isupport #living #ablacklife #iloveyoursmile #blackisbeautiful #blacklove #blackfamily #blackstrength #blackmentalhealthmatters


My blood the Cunningham family
#pride #glory #power #majesty #blackfamily

Dr. Truth MD ™ from Vine

I swear I love her for this!!!! #repost from @jerzey_girlfit973. "I've been asked by a few people if I attended the Women March in DC yesterday. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! As a Black Woman, I would never affiliate myself with the Feminist Movement or any organization involving Gloria Steinem. Historically the Feminist Movement recruited and manipulated Black Women for years. They used our numbers to further their agenda. At the end of the day, white women were the only ones receiving the benefit. The Feminist Movement promoted the idea that Black Women do not need Black Men, therefore further causing separation in the Black Family. The Feminist Movement involving Black Women is just another method of Divide and Conquer. Understand, we need Black Unification! Black Women can not be separate from Black Men and Black Men can not separate from Black Women. Some will argue that the Feminist Movement is for Women Rights. Please thoroughly research the role of Black Women in this movement. So before you put on that Goofy Ass Pink Hat, Put up a Black Fist✊🏿 Promote Black Love, Black Family, Black Unification. ❤️⚫️💚" #DivideAndConquer #BlackUnification #feministmovement #blackfeminist #BlackFamily - Powerful words that I couldn't put together any better! Once again thanks @jerzey_girlfit973 ✊🏿

Awaken All Third Eyez.

A Melanated Awakening

To turn neighborhoods into communities.
Strategize Without Compromise.
Awaken All Third Eyez.


1. I Am Black First. Before I am male, female, lgbt, rich, poor, light/dark, or any religion, I am First Black and all my allegiances are such. I am Black First, We Are Black First.

2. I will not engage in, display, support or propagate Anything that reflects my people negatively.  This includes tv, radio, movies, plays, music, literature, social media, etc. I am Black First. We are Black First.

3. I will spend My Money within My Community First.  I will support my Own People First because
I am Black First. We Are Black First.

4.  Everything I make for or sell to My People will not only be My Best, but Thee Best because I am Black First. We are Black First.

5.  I will not allow Anyone to talk down upon, discredit, disenfranchise or discriminate against Anything Black.  I am Black First, We are Black First.

6. I will educate myself, my children, siblings, significant other, neighbors, friends, families and associates about real history, world history which is Black history. I am Black First. We are Black First.

7.  I will honor, cherish, respect and align all My Allegiances with Black People,  My People.
I am Black First, We are Black First.

8.  I understand having Black Pride does not negate anything or anyone else, but rather foster self-respect while uplifting all people to understand and respect Black People, My People.
I am Black First, We are Black First.

9.  I will handle issues about My People, My Community WITHIN My Community First. (No media, law enforcement, politician, political ties, corporate allies, etc. can speak about Black Issues without A Black Representative). I am Black First, We Are Black First.

10.  My people are My Priority. I am Unapologetically Black First. We are BLACK FIRST.

#UnapologeticallyBlack #IAmBlackFirst #MelanatedCode4Life #Melanin #BlackFirst #MelanatedAwakening  #PanAfrican #Africa #BlackPower  #BlackFamily #ThinkBlack #TeamBLACK #BlackLove #War  #BlackOnBlackLove  #BlackPride #SeriouslyBlack #NonImmigrant #BlackMajority  #MelanatedMindset #StayOnCode #LiveOnCode


Reference who you listen to as it pertains to personal finances...Never take financial advice from someone unless they make three times your current income and Prove IT..and keep it all black everything exclusively self-love 👊🏾 💪🏾✊🏾💳💵💰blackeconomics #blackmen#blackwomen#blacklove#blackfamily#blackbank#blackpower #blackaccountability #blackempowerment#


The types of Black people in America according to White people. The mold is there, you just fall into place with your complacency and despair. Anxiety and fear are justified, ignorance is not tolerated. We have to be our own solution. #breakthemold #steveharvey #blackawakening #blackconsciousness #blackintelligence #blackmen #blackwomen #blackfamily #blackcommunity #blackpower

Melanie Bias

We all have things that #motivate us to work harder and fight for what is right and just. #womensmarch just made me realize that #iamnotalone. #proudmomma #southernbelle #blacksouthernbelle #lowcountryparent #blackfamily

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