Rachel Brehm

quote of the weekend: "i lost all my snapchat streaks, but you can be my number 1"

Devin Mae Sanchez

What a weekend getting closer to God and these girls ❣️ #PolarBear2017

Devin Mae Sanchez

YL has given me such great opportunity to see all God can do #polarbear2017

Michael Held

Still trying to process the amount of fun, laughter, and growth that took place this weekend. Great times with greater dudes. #PolarBear2017 #harberyl

Asahel Fantahun

mosh pits, fireworks, good music, honey butter chicken biscuits, bonfires at 3am, and the breaking of a bridge were just a lil part of the best weekend of our lives #polarbear2017 #PB2k17


Just an old man takin the whippersnappers to school at #polarbear2017


this speaks volumes of our weekend 💙
I love my Young Life team (including those who couldn't make it) & I love the high school friends we get to do life with. what a blessing this new camp is to our region & what a blessing our region has been to me! God is doing some incredible things in Conway & I'm so glad I get to watch His glory manifest in my friends in such an incredible ministry. 11 years down & I'm still blown away.

Liza Vealey

Polar 2k17 was amazing, I love all of you guys❤️❤️ #polarbear2017 #younglife

Phoebe Oakley

my Jesus-lovin' friends #polarbear2017


Make Peace Not War ✌🏼#polarbear2017 #yl

Elizabeth Buckley

These girls!!! This weekend!!! Heart is so full. #PolarBear2017


uncontrollably smiling because I got to spend this past weekend with rockin people in a beautiful place! Jesus is so cool!! #polarbear2017

Burke Bridges

Polarbear was what I needed but Cahill's body is what I wanted😂 #polarbear2017


Going to miss this place!! #polarbear2017 #YL

Travis LaRoche

lil 4 banger did better than I thought this weekend #polarbear2017 #jeep #wrangler #savethesquares
If you listen closely you can hear my turbo spool(;

Kathryn DeMello

Tacky prom....... I think we did alright

Jordan Herbert

These girls gave up most of their long weekend to fill water balloons, scrub dishes for HOURS, and scream a whole bunch so that high schoolers could have a hella fun weekend at Polar Bear, and I am super thankful for their servant hearts. #PolarBear2017

Carolyn Chrissotimos

Race day with my favorite @lacoup7 !!! Race prep...lager beer and pizza the night before! 26:18 and placed 11/95!! I should really start training and might actually make my PR of 24 minutes....#raceday #denver #washingtonpark #polarbear2017 #5krun #runnergirl #4funrun

Hello Weekend

#sidrunks #copperdragon #polarbear2017 #pinchpennypub #siu #salukis whats your favorite black light face paint design?

Brooke Sanders

For the kingdom🤘🏼#polarbear2017

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