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Forgive me @ajmandi but I just couldn't help myself; fourth time watching La La Land with @f_alhammadi & @maryamalhammadi & you know what? It still holds up. At this point, Damien Chazelle's modern day opus is tied with Freddy vs Jason for the most times I've seen a movie in theatres (& I ain't ashamed of it) looking forward to screening number five.

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I need these fucking things right fucking now. And a farva sized milkshake.
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I think this plotline would have made the movie more interesting and purposeful ⛓ Image Description: "During the production of 'Freddy vs Jason', one suggestion regarding a backstory to unite the horror icons was that Freddy Krueger had been a counselor at the camp before his death, and that he had molested young Jason before he drowned there as a child." #JasonVoorhees #FreddyKrueger #FreddyvsJason #Horror #Slashers #SlasherHorror

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Finally, I'm done with this horror franchise. I really enjoyed watching all the 12 films and I can't wait for the new Ft13th film this year. Without further ado, here's what I think of the last four films:
.. "Jason's supernatural powers revealed" hmm welp. I didn't really enjoy this one since we don't get to see Jason that much either as he is possessing or using other bodies. Oh and fyi, I don't hate this franchise. I know there's a lot of plotholes and poor character development in these films, and I'm just doing some criticism on the "movie" itself (based on story, characters, etc.). So don't get my words twisted and don't take my reviews seriously. I also don't wanna trigger Ft13th apologists 😉 = 4.5/10
JASON X (2001)
.. Let me take a quote from this film: "This sucks on so many levels". Well, that pretty much sums up the whole film. But still... given the premise, it's actually pretty interesting. Dumb but fun. = 5/10
.. This film is extreme fan service for fans of Nightmare on Elm Street and Ft13th. I know a lot of people hated this film, but dang this was such an iconic showdown. There's a little bit of sentimentality/nostalgia involved in this one as well. It's a dumb movie like the previous films (can I not express that enough????), but once you get past its dumbness... you'll really enjoy this. = 6/10
FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)
.. Okay, I have to keep in mind that this one is a reboot not a remake. But that first five minutes was just disgrace to the entire franchise. Ignoring the excessive sexism and flaws of the franchise, this one wasn't actually bad. It finally shows how Jason is an unstoppable human killing machine, not just some supernatural being with an ugly face. Not really much of an improvement, but like most of the series, this one is watchable if you're into the horror/slasher genre. = 6/10
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Time to make myself some hockey masks! Will I keep them, or sell them? Only time will tell...
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