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Torquoise Blue Tube
I Love the Ocean and painting in these gorgeous colours.

...Lost Surfboards

@corylopez Signature Wave. Words and Pic by @tomservaisjr: 1999 first year of the @wsl at #Teahupoo. Waves were 8-12' and perfect. Cory caught this wave and showed how big a wave could be paddled into. 
Full commitment on his part, since to catch a wave like this, you have to paddle into a position where you have no choice but to go, before you get a good look at what you're in for. Cory is well known for his ability at waves like this, including #Cloudbreak and #Pipeline. He won the #BillabongProTahiti in 2001 and has been a finalist at the #PipelineMasters. #CoryLopez #TomServais @oneillusa @oneill #StillCharging

Lula Torres

2016 foi um ano memorΓ‘vel para @bruninhosantos e seu shaper @seccowetworks a vitΓ³ria no Trials e as quartas de final no evento principal #billabongprotahiti foram marcantes para o nosso maior Tube Rider.

Steve Ryan

Teahupo'o, photographers in action, I absolutely loved going to work on these days! Notice the pelican box open for a quick camera insertion, you can get hosed down in a second, and loss of gear. It's happened before.#lineups #surfing#teahupoo#tahiti#billabongprotahiti #surfphotography

Steve Ryan

Adriano Desouza @Teahupo'o, this was shot several years ago, I think it was after the comp had finished, I do remember later that day , we nearly got caught inside a wave and had to make a dash for safety, I think we got some air in the boat, the landing was painful!! One girl just sat in the bottom of the boat sobbing, and mumbling, that she just wanted to get off, and wouldn't even look over the side anymore!#waves #surfing #teahupoo#tahiti#billabongprotahiti #barrells #hollowwaves

Steve Ryan

Cory Lopez looking cool and casual @Teahupo'o, this was the day the trials finished around lunchtime and we had a free surf session the whole arvo, I remember how our boat driver wouldn't listen to us on where to position the boat , and so we got hosed down from the offshore spray by just about every wave, in the end there wasn't a dry bit of material on the boat to clean the lens's. Camera gear gets damaged out there a lot#teahupoo#surfing #waves#tahiti #billabongprotahiti


Todos os tons de azul em Teahupoo. πŸ“·: @wsl

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