@charudattakale this one is the most sweetest way to wish and thank you 😍😘you made it so special.. video#1


And melting the bits first! This is @vintagechicscents Central Park snow globe/ public enemy 1 rose/ and to catch a thief over pour all chopped up. The scent notes are Central Park Snow Globe: Peppermint Creme Noel, Public Enemy #1: Peppermint Coconut Whipped Cream, and To Catch a Thief: Peppermint Noel Cotton Candy. It's over a year and and so so good #vintagechicscents #vendorwax #waxmelts #waxtarts #waxmelting #goodsmells #goodsmellsalways #whatsmelting #whatimmelting #whatsmeltingnow #whatsinmywarmer

Lines & Angels

Here's a photo with Tiffany from our "Bedtime Series"

akmalazad .@17

#rxz_still_the_boss #tbtermeloh #1.1.2017 #bilanakmacamnilagi

Yokota Yoshi



I think around here I was telling the ref if he called any fouls on me he can quote on quote "cash me ousside" 😂💀 (Highlights will be posted tomorrow) 🐐💯

Turbo Dave

Cabby is full ce2 swap. Modern fuse box thats serviceable and simple. #eurowise #1.8t #cabby #mki #vw #weaponizedveggieburger

Taylor Secret Admirers

They might be different numbers on the field, but they're all #1 in our hearts 😍 lots of VCs in this crowd!! 😉

Mel Fitness 😘

All smiles tonight because.... #1 this @caliabycarrie top is my new fav 💕 & #2 because I started #LiveFit tonight thanks to @fitness_kait! You might remember I mentioned yesterday how working out in the gym, and even with other people in general gives me so much anxiety because I always feel like I don't belong and I'm not "advanced" enough to keep up. Normally I feel lost and always question if people are staring at me or judging me. But this new program is amazing and is perfect for beginners. I crushed day one and am so excited to do more strength training over the next few weeks 💕

Whitney Moore

First post is a shoutout to my #1 girl Lilly bop!!!!! It doesn't look like she did much but she was my rock FR during packing for England !! Ily and ttyl @liz_rypkema


Couple Tag #1
Comment or dm for request♡

Basil Joy

#267 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #reverse ...#get_set go..🏎🏎

B E A U T Y™ | 2000

เล่งเน่ยยี่ #1

Claudia Donoso

Una guerrero, luchador, campeón, amigo, emprendedor. Mi amigo y MENTE EN FORMA : BETO @betoboutet1 🔥🔥🔥 una década como corredor #1 de seguros. Pronto entérate como 📌📌📌📌📌#Repost @betoboutet1 with @repostapp
Remember to live with passion


Still have no plan for next Sunday?
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angie ledesma

One of the most saddest days of my life. I am distraught. I will miss Obama. I know this world has not seen the last of him and he will do great things. #44 president but #1 president in my heart. Thank you #Obama. ♡


에 직접 들어가보았습니다^^
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이 곳에서 인증을 받기위해 등록되어 있답니다.
암웨이제품 외에도 웅진코웨이와 엘지 제품등
국내기업제품들도 볼 수 있답니다.
걸러낼 수 있는 있는 유해물질을 채크해보면
반도 채우기전에
암웨이제품외에는 모두 탈락되었습니다
심지어 포름알데히드 하나만 채크해도
암웨이 #엣모스피어만 걸어낸답니다~^^
사이트에서 확인하세요~👍
지금까지 한번도 없었던

Valeria Estrada

📢Atención📢 calibreFans🙊 excelentes noticias para nuestros consentidos @calibre50oficial 💕no cabe duda de que "Siempre te Voy a Querer" se esta convirtiendo en un gran éxito en la carrera de los chicos ya que se encuentra en el 1⃣ del RealTime tanto en México 🇲🇽 como en Guatemala🇬🇹 🙌🏻😱 en el Top 20 General monitorLATINO en la categoría 🔸Top Popular monitorLATINO México 🔸 Top Popular monitorLATINO Guatemala
#1 “Siempre te voy a querer”
No dejen de apoyar este gran éxito! @calibre50oficial 🙌🏻
@Calibre50Eden 👨🎹
@armandocalibre50 👨🎸
@erickcalibre50 👨🎶
@calibre50alex 👨🎺
#AyCMásFuerteQueNunca 💕🙌🏻


#1 reason why every year the "New Year, New Me" fails for some! You're entering into a new year with the old mindset and a dream!
Changing your thinking results in the manifestation of a new purposeful existence!

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