...and we couldn't be more proud and honored to have called your our first family. Thank you, for everything.
#44th #theobamas #yeswecan #yeswedid 🙌🏾

Jess Davis

With gratitude, Mr. President
#yeswecan #yeswedid #yeswewill

VK Press, LLC

You made us believe "Yes, We Can!" And for eight years, you led our country with impeccable grace and resiliency. There will be no other commander in chief or first family that will leave a legacy like you. Thank you! #Obamas #44thpresident #YesWeDid

K. Greene

#Repost traci821: One last time... My President is Black!!!#obamafarewell #Forever44 #YesWeCan #YesWeDid #YesWeWill

Ariana Teran

You will be missed. •Quick edit by me• #illustrator

Colleen Conway

Love will always win. Together, we rise ❤️ #yeswecan #yeswedid #yeswewillagain #gohigh

Beth L.

Saddened that today is this man's last day. That there will be no more "Bromance" between him and VP Biden to witness. 😢 Thank you President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Biden for showing this country "Yes We Can. "
I will never forget 2008, where I was and with whom, and the monumental photo I was participating in with friends, the excitement and the hope felt amongst strangers... and then again in 2012 along with anticipation to once again here Barack Obama be announced as President. ❤️Thank you for your service, for your vision, for your positive change, your jokes and swag 😎, and most important for making HISTORY as the first black president. #YesWeCan #YesWeDid #Unity #InUnity #Alwaysmypresident #BarackObama #Obamas #Biden #historical #WeWillMissYou 🎥 @thewhitehouse

Miss JaMai

While yesterday may have been an emotional day for a lot of us, let's try to be grateful that we witnessed 8 years of excellence. Read yesterday's blog: " #ThankYouObama ". #ThrowbackThursday #PresidentObama #44thPresident #FirstBlackPresident #HOPE #YesWeDid

rachel ▽ koelzer

// flashback to 2008, at the height of my activism, in terms of time, knowledge of current events, and passion for politics and social issues.

I spent years after leaving MSU eschewing politics — slightly ironic considering I had belonged to the Public Policy college. I was burnt out, fatigued from my own strife-filled personal life and feeling powerless. Those years after were filled with some of the toughest times. Frequent partying, depression, anxiety, apathy. I found other ways to be active in my community, but I shrank the world around me. Then, life changed again. I found yoga, a great therapist, I worked on myself intensely. I spent a few years, more interested in the world around me, filled with more hope and light, but I still avoided large-scale issues and activism. It was too painful.

Looking back, I see a circle. The first bit, a focus too external. I was always worried about others, their thoughts and opinions and feelings. I didn't place any value upon myself, and I grew resentful and angry and afraid, spawning selfishness, when the world didn't move as I wanted it to. In the second shift, I turned inward. I learned more about self-care, self-love. I focused on myself — now less as a reaction to hurt, more with a need to forgive and love. I really tried to learn myself inside and out.

Things have begun to shift in the past few months, largely sparked by my shift in racial identity and this year's abhorrent election. I'm still figuring out the balance between focusing on others and taking care of myself, and I suspect it's a road I'll be on for most of my life. And I'm ok with that. Right now, I feel the pull to act again. To use my growing sense of self, of roots grounded deep within me, to now branch outward again.

Here's to the first march/rally I participated in at 19. Now, nearly 10 years later, with yet another president on the horizon, I will march again. This time, a little less euphoric, with a little more weight on my shoulders and heaviness in my heart, but with a heart still expanding and hoping and believing that together, we can.

Amy Cash

"Why do we have to say goodbye?" Thank you, President @barackobama. Your dignity, compassion and leadership have been a joy to watch the past 8 years. You are the first president that I ever voted for, and words cannot adequately express how much I am going to miss seeing you and your family (including the Bidens) in the White House. Thank you for reminding me when I am nervous and fearful for the future the importance of having hope. #thanksobama #onelasttime


"...there has never been anything false about hope." #mypresident #yeswedid #thankyouobama #hope #wecantstopnow #loveislove #obama

★★ Hollywood, CA ★★

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." - #Obama #YesWeDid

Steven Daniels

Thank you for your service! And thank you for raising the bar higher! #PresidentObama #YesWeCan #YesWeDid

🗝Jennifer Florendo 🗝

This isn't my photo. I found it on @oneluvwhit page and it stopped me in my tracks. That quote got me on November whatever-th of 2016. I paused and rewound my TV several times that morning. I held my daughter, wiped tears from my eyes while making sure she watched and listened to that speech on that day. Whether or not HRC was the best candidate, she sent a strong message to our future generation of women. A message that spoke to my heart, deeply. She showed us how to fight hard, be courageous, and relentless. She showed us gracefulness in a time where grace is the last thing we should be feeling. She showed us that you can fight and while you may not come out victorious, you can use that loss to send a message and inspire. I wanted to bottle up that moment as I held my daughter and we watched something historic together: the first time a woman has ever run and received the most votes for president. I watched it with my mom and my daughter. Something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. Something we can all keep fighting for.
#ImStillWithHer #LoveTrumpsHate #raisingstrongwomen #raisingstrongdaughters #nastywoman #staystrongandfighthard #unite #supporteachother #womensmarch #AmericaIsAlreadyGreat #ThanksObama #YesWeCan #YesWeDid #GrabEmByThePence

K I N K Y C U R L Y Y A K I™

8 years ago, I remember thinking that there was no way a Black man was going to be president... of the United States. When he won, I ran out and bought every magazine that had him on the cover so that I could show my future children. For his inauguration, my eyes were glued to the tv. For his re-election, I was filled with pride as if he were one of my blood brothers. -
For me, the Obamas were the new Huxtables. As individuals, as a couple and as a family, they set a great example of what a first family should be. Truly graceful, sophisticated with just enough down earth that I could really see myself being in their company. -
I will miss them and only wish the best for them as private citizens. Thank you for always being graceful, relatable, polished and just gosh darn cool #thankyouobama 📷:@eeni_edit .
#inspire #motivate #michelleobama #barakobama #girlboss #blackgirlmagic💫 #blackgirlmagic✨
#Obamas #YesWeDid #thankyouobamas

Samoan For Beginners

Thank you #PresidentObama #POTUS for giving us all #Hope over the last 8 years. You and your beautiful family will be sorely missed.
God bless #POTUS #FLOTUS Malia & Sasha.
Aiga Obama. Fa'afetai mo la outou tautua.
Obama Family. Thank you for your service.

Please LIKE & SHARE if you want to show your #appreciation to the #FirstFamily as well.
#ObamaFarewell #ObamaOut #YesWeCan #YesWeDid #Hope #ThankYouObama #ThanksBarry #Obama

LemonJelly Salon 🍋✂

"It falls to each of us to be those anxious, jealous guardians of our democracy, because for all our outward differences, we all share the same proud title: Citizen." "Ultimately, that’s what our democracy demands. It needs YOU." #obama #yeswecan #yeswedid #rollingupmysleeves #organize
#hairdresser #hair #dmv #lemonjellysalon

Tiffany K Lui

With a full heart, thank you Obama ❤️

Allana Mitchell

Thank You Mr. President.
#obama #potus #yeswedid

Stacey Tan 💥

I'll miss them every day for the next four years of my life. 😪 Thank you #PresidentObama and #VicePresidentBiden for your honorable service to this country... Showed the world that you CAN do the right thing and you CAN achieve incredible things against the odds. #PleaseadoptmeObama #Irreplaceable #Unforgettable #YesweDid #yesweWillAgain #michelleobama #barackobama #democrats #trueclass #legendary #joebiden #DONTGO 😭🇺🇸💙

Darci Monet

#Hope on the eve. 🇺🇸 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 ===========================================================================
#ThankYouObama #WeStandUnited #StrongerTogether #YesWeCan #YesWeDid #TheResistance #LoveTrumpsHate #LoveWins


My President was black ❤️ #yeswecan #yeswedid


Of as a Photographer, THIS is one of my favorites. Uncle O too cool at Harvard #presidentobama #thankyouobama #yeswedid


Thank you for the past 8 years of service and sacrifice 🗽⚖️ #stillfightingforequality I know your leaving the Oval but will still actively fighting for us. I have all faith in you. God Bless You #MichelleObama #SashaObama #MaliaObama #YesWeCan #YesWeDid 🇺🇸

Mel 🥑

Please don't go.... #yeswedid

Alexa Goransson

Not always a fan of getting hit up for $, but I will truly miss these emails. I am so sad that he will no longer be president when I go to sleep tomorrow and I still can't believe who will be. I didn't always agree with everything he did, but I am so grateful for what he accomplished. I appreciate the Obamas and their service to the country. Thank you @barackobama and @michelleobama44 - you'll be missed. #obama #potus #flotus #thankyou #alwaysmypresident #usa #yeswedid #yeswecan

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