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β†žR E N A E M C F A R L A N Dβ† 

PND- something that doesn't get talked about, in fear of what people will think, or what people will say, people won't know what to say.
I love being a mum more than anything, but it was hard. Breastfeeding was hard, recovery was hard, sleepless nights were hard, adjusting to motherhood was hard, it was hard. Feeling like you're the only one going thru it, wondering if it's you or your baby with the problem. I seriously have the most easy going, care free baby but I still struggled & people still didn't understand. Maybe my baby was so easy & strong because she felt she had to be to get me thru each day. Everything changed, it went from just josh and I, from not having to wake up at night, just walking out the door with nothing but our keys, just watching a movie, or just going to work. But then it started, the sleepless nights, having to pack bags to leave the house, making sure everything is organised, to being stuck at home feeling like I can't go anywhere because it's just easier to stay home. This tiny human depended on me 24/7. Motherhood was a huge reality check which I struggled to adapt too, I was in denial for so long. I was doing everything right, but I seriously lived for her. I needed to venture out & get a part of me back. How can I be the best for her when I wasn't the best for myself. I needed to be good within myself.
When you become a parent so many things change, I don't think anything can prepare you just how much things change, but for the better. It just takes awhile to adjust. I wish I got help earlier, I wish I didn't take the early days for granted, I feel like I wished it all away because I wasn't myself. Now I can't even remember her being little. I feel bad that I didn't connect with her as much as I should have. People only gloat about the good times, post the good things which makes you think it's all going to be roses when it's not. I love her more than anything & wish I loved the start as much as I do now.
For now, I'll love each and every second I have with her & appreciate being a mum. Josh has been nothing short of amazing. I couldn't have done it without him. πŸ’•#PND #postnataldepression #speakup

Cynthia Rivera

"I am semi-naked surrounded by the opposite sex and yet, I DON'T feel intimidated, instead I feel protected. I want the same for them" #winningsign #myfavorite #womensmarchlosangeles #speakup #speakup

Akire Bubar

Okay, so I *should* have been working on the banner art for the #PikasPeak Patreon page...but sometimes you just gotta roll with things. I really liked the drawing I did yesterday while pouring over the photos and stories so many of you were posting from the #womensmarch yesterday, so I spent a good chunk of today finishing it up.
Ta-daaa! I'm going to try to get it up on #Redbubble as fast as possible. I'm thinking it'd be a great postcard to use to write to your representatives, and a really cute poster, etc. Might make up some t-shirt designs too, but that'll take a little longer. I'm definitely digging the idea of writing to my reps on the back of this though. We can remind them of yesterday and how strong we are when we stand together, while making our individual voices heard. Yesterday was a GREAT beginning - now the real challenge is to keep up the pressure and make sure those in office know we're watching their every move.

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Eulalia Mejia

13/365 So proud to see so many of my cyber-friends speak up and march and use their right to protest. The decisions taken in the USA today have the power to affect the whole world, that is why I care about this issue, even if I'm not a US citizen nor do I live in that country. Speak up, fight for your rights and for the rights of those who have no voice.
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Project Manifest



[i've planned a beautiful life for us.]


Yesterday over 5 million people around the world came together β€” feet on the ground, voices in the air, in protest of women’s rights, equality and solidarity. I am proud to be one of them. My heart has been heavy lately but I could not help feeling overwhelmed with hope, love and light at this display of unity and free expression. My heart now beats in rhythm with all the other women who can’t and will not settle. Everyone is awake now and if we can continue this incredible momentum then the power of a collective consciousness standing shoulder to shoulder, speaking heart to heart, reaching for change, is unstoppable
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✨Stand out ✨


I would like to announce my bid for president in 2024 🀣(that's when I'll be old enough) this was my speech earlier today to my conservative and liberal friends I'm sure I made enemies on both sides. #politics #progressiveagenda #bernie2020 #speakup #berespectful #moveforward #loveeachother #lovetrumpshate

The #StandSpeakReach Project

Pretty simple if you ask us, your mental health matters. This is your brain we are talking about, why wouldn't it matter. Today, tomorrow, every single day we need to focus on our brains and how important our mental health it. #Repost @buddyproject with @repostapp
Mental illnesses are real. Mental health is important. Your mental health matters. #StandSpeakReach #BellLetsTalk #endthestigma #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #1in5 #endthestigma #speakup


The weekends coming to a close but it doesn't mean those vibes have to end. You have the ability to spread some #goodvibes wherever you are despite what's around you. #selfcare

DIVERSEATHON INFO: πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»πŸ“– Today is the beginning of #DiversAthon week (Jan 22-29) where #booklovers share and expand their #reading and knowledge regarding proper representation, stigmas, and lack of diversity in #books . πŸ“– We see countless examples of how further insights and the gathering of voices can change others and ourselves to do better and #speakup for each other when false information is said regarding cultures, gender, sexual orientation, and more πŸ˜” . .
πŸ“– Discussions will start on TWITTERπŸ₯ under @diverseAthon where all hosts, times, and DQ questions will be posted. Check out @lcmarie19 @squibblesreads @monicakwatson @savidgereads for more details. .
πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»πŸ“– I've picked up Murakami for the first time and have fallen in love with the writing and the story. Still reading 'Norwegian Woods'. #TheSunisAlsoaStar by #NicolaYoon is also on my #DiverseAThonTBR this week. #BBMDreads
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I was overwhelmed by the number of people around the world who showed their support for women's rights yesterday. Either through physical protest, donations or social outreach. It's not about what you choose to do as a woman, it's about your ABILITY TO CHOOSE. To be in control of what happens to your body. I am proud to support planned parenthood, they helped me and educated me when I needed it most. The marches revived my hope for the future because there truly is strength in love and numbers.

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