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🌁We are all dreamers wanting to be completely out of touch with reality🌁

lizzi 🍇💣 41 & 43

does instagram have a limit to the amount of hashtags you can put on a pic or is it just mine hating me??

lizzi 🍇💣 41 & 43

i will never not love this (📸: @lindseyhawken)

Danny Oliver 🏳️‍🌈

Day One: A recent picture and 15 facts
1. I'm 15
2. I have a cat and a dog
3. I dye my hair a lot
4. I might be the next president of my school GSA
5. I love Hamilton
6. I'm in chemistry class while i'm typing this
7. I live in Oregon
8. I'm a virgin
9. I can't deepthroat
10. My favourite colour is black
11. I have more jackets and stuff like that than I do tee shirts
12. I cry a lot
13. I love food but often forget to eat
14. If I care about you I get worried easily
15. I'm pretty gay
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Read, this is for you

One of the worst characteristics that I have as a person, is that I am not easily proud of myself and my achievements. In fact I've had several achievements in my life, but I was always hard on myself and I wouldn't easily say "wow look, I did something amazing" or "I nailed it". The year that passed, I found out that, this is one of the things that destroys me inside, except from other problems that literally made some nights a living hell for me. My family was always supportive of me, same goes with a few real friends I have, but I never really felt thankful about it and maybe that's what makes these " sad days". This year, I want to wake up. I want to love myself more. I'll do my best to turn back to things I used to love but left behind bc of my lack of motivation. I will go out more, stress less and discover new things that will make me happy. I will do voluntary work as I had promised myself in the past. I'll set goals. I'll smile more often. It's difficult and there sure will be bad days like always, but I promise to myself I'll reduce them. This long caption wasn't for me to get your attention and get comments, followers or likes. It was to prove you that if I can do it, so can you. I'll start dreaming again and you'll do the same. I'll laugh and you'll do too. It doesn't mean that you won't ever cry again. It means that you'll learn not to waste your tears that easily. I'm proud of myself for realising this before it's too late. And I'm proud of you for the smile on your lips right now. I'm proud of us that we're both alive, till today.
Spread love, stay strong
Andy 💗

Trigger Warning

Lunch today. I had 240 calories already, and I'm saving the other 260 for dinner so that my parents dont get the motion that I'm starving myself. I like saving my cals like they are money. I've drank nothing but water. I feel great and like I'm losing weight constantly. 210 of my cals were a can of monster, the other 30 was a breakfast thing. .
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