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thankyou my fav for the highlighters & blushh💖💖 @taylorleccese #letitglow @toofaced

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my wifi is being rude and i can't watch 2 episodes of zach stone on mtv.com im suing
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someone be my valentine i'll get u a cute gift and some flowers you don't even have to like me

alexia 👼🏻

Nobody knows I'm this cold


It's a gloomy monday but bringin' summer vibes everywhere in MASH-UP 🌞🌞🌞
Photographer: Caspar Yeh(@zyy__studio @caspar_66)
Stylist: Gabby Gabbana (@gabby.gabbana @gabbygabbana)
Hair & Make Up Artist: Zann Toh (@zann_toh)
Art Direction: Mark Kinoshita (@markaroons)
Assistance: Eddie Chen (@chenchen318)
Designer: Mash Up (@whatamashup)
Feat: David Tang (@david_tang_) @upfrontmodels

baby girl 😛

"love. love isnt about having butterflies all the time, i think love is calm. love is comfortable. i cpuld sit in silence with you the rest of our lives and it would mean more than a thousand words with anyone else."

Jarrett Aress

Stay cool

🌻 Kate 🌻

🌷flowers half as fake as me


if this is your style, head on over to @soaestheticshop for 10% off any purchase! use the code "alxssx" 💞 (#kawaii #aesthetic #pastel #tumblr)

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