Michael Macalos

This 2017, I'll Keep Walking to be a better version of myself and become in charge of my world. πŸ™ŒπŸ»βœ¨πŸ’ͺ🏻 #KeepwalkingPH #SparkitPH

ShielaMariePineda 🍭

Life is an endless ground of life lessons #KeepWalkingPH #SparkitPH @johnniewalker


Day8: Explore and capture every moment. #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH
πŸ“Έ @dgrazon

Owy Posadas

Birthday boy
I'll keep walking to become a better person and entrepreneur. I wanna help and inspire other people!!! Life is great HAPPY birthday to me
#KeepWalkingPH #SparkitPH

kim espejo

This 2017, I will keep on working to my dreams no matter how hard it is πŸ’« #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH

Jodilly Pendre

DAY 2: Pushing myself to workout anytime & anywhere possible is the first step in reaching my goal VS model body #keepwalkingph #johnniewalkerph

Kir Ubungen

This year, I will go way out of my comfort zone when it comes to traveling. I've already started by trekking at night and camping in the mountains! Woke up with the best view. #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH

Kirst Viray

Keeping my self fit and in good shape is also a priority in achieving my goals.
#KeepWalkingPh #SparkitPh
@its_kkath #JohnnieWalkerPh

Jomari Docena

Para sa tagumpay! Haha πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

A c e C r u z (Anrol)

This year and forward, I shall be more passionate and driven to do beyond what I think I can. I shall strive harder, love deeper, and lead better towards my stronger selfβ€” I will keep walking to make my best even better. #KeepWalkingPH


Day 8: Learning to gaze at the view of a familiar place on an unfamiliar perspective. #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH

Shido Roxas

This 2017, I'll keep walking in order to create waves by keeping our rivers and water alive. We could do so much fun if we respect and love our water. 🌊 #keepwalkingph #sparkitph #johnniewalkerph #johnniewalkercampaign #riverside #wakeboarding #riverrestoration @its_kkath

Khalil Ramos

A couple of months ago, I decided to get myself a film camera. This shot is 1 of the 36 shots I had developed from my first roll. As you can see, it's not properly exposed, but I like it. That's the beauty of going back to film photography. You don't really get to see if you were able to get the shot that you wanted til you get it developed. For me, it's the best way to train your eyes and your mind.
#KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH
shot on:Minolta X-700
AgfaPhoto Vista

Sarah C.

Day 7.
So I just got back from Cebu. Sinulog 2017 is definitely a memorable one! I had so much fun with my friends, I can't even begin to talk about it. πŸ»πŸ–πŸŽ‰
But moving on, I've been really keeping up with my 21 day challenge and today marks the day I'm back in the gym to do my lifts. So I do a strength training program called 5 3 1 and it's been effective for me ever since that's why I love it. But lately, I've been venturing out to other workouts. You can google more about 5 3 1 and why I love it so much. ❀
Fun fact: I don't have a gym buddy. I don't really train with anyone and I just train by myself. It's because whenever I work out, I like to focus on the workout and not on the talking. I want to get in and out of the gym as fast as possible because I also train fasted. So that means 50% of the time, I'm probably already hungry when you see me lifting. πŸ˜… (But hey, don't let that stop you from saying hi to me incase we bump into each other.) 😊
#KeepWalkingPH #SparkitPH

kenzo gutierrez

Day 2: to strive for excellence in academics πŸ“š #KeepWalkingPH

R πŸ‘‘

5/21 A clean bedroom gives me peace of mind. It is a must for me to clean my room because my little one sleeps with me in my bed- changing the sheets regularly as well as his blanket. I also wanted this to be clean because this us where I study at night whenever my little one is sleeping.
Also, I'm using #lysolforbabysroom to disinfect my room for my baby. ❀

How about you? What's your goal for 2017? Join us with #JohnnieWaller in #keepwalkingph

Mikyle Quizon

This 2017, I promised myself to prioritize my goals and become better. Better as an individual, as a son, as a friend, and as a servant of the lord. I'll Keep Walking and gain more lessons along the way that will help me contribute goodness to the world 🚢 #JohnnieWalkerPH #KeepWalkingPH #KeepWalking
A big thanks to @machomucho (SM North) for fixing my HAIRSTYLE. #machomuchosmnorthedsa 🀘 #FujifilmPH

Patty Tiu

Day 7. I look forward to fitting on an S or M instead of an XS. So let's go work on that πŸ‘πŸ˜› #KeepWalkingPH #AdidasPH #AdidasWomen @anytimefitnessbgchighstreet #LegDay


Day5: Exploring new places to improve my photography skills. #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH

Chin Chin Obcena

I'll keep walking to discover more about myself and the world. With that, I'll help myself grow and learn not to waste a single second of my life. πŸƒπŸ» #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH
πŸ“Έ: @shutterkissed

Rick Sanchez

Look in the mirror.....
Thats your competition......

Deegee Razon

This 2017, I will keep walking towards my ambition of becoming a great Online influencer. #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH
Photo by @iamjammanalo

Seth Gothico

First step to becoming a lawyer is to keep my eyes on the goal. πŸ•Ά #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnyWalkerPH

Patrick Sugui

One of my new years resolutions this year is to travel more. #day1 #keepwalkingph


Day4/21 I'll make new memories. I'll be keeping it safe and fresh with me through journaling, in a way I can also keep my talent not just my stories.❀❀ #ABCDailyJournal.
New year plans, make it happen.
#JohnnieWalkerPH #KeepWalkingPH

Shai Habon

Enjoyed hosting last Sunday's @silid_aralan kaRUNungan Fun Run. Silid Aralan Inc. (SAI) is an education-oriented NGO that aims to give low performing, underprivileged students confidence in their own capabilities as a means of affecting their academic performance for the better. The proceeds for last weekend's run will support the studies and trainings of all the kids under SAI. This is part of my mission to inspire and educate the youth. It may sound too noble but hey, you guys can volunteer too! Check out Silid Aralan's page on Facebook and help a kid now #keepwalkingPH #JohnniewalkerPH #SparkitPH #SilidAralan #Shaihosts

Shoes from @restoerunofficial
Top from @penshoppes

Shido Roxas

This 2017, I'll keep walking to help the locals in rehabilitating and restoring our river. Today, I learned about the natural function of the river and did basic clean-up :) #keepwalkingph #johnniewalkerph #sparkitPH #keepwalkingph @its_kkath #eco #environment #river

Chin Chin Obcena

This 2017, I will be more responsible with my actions and work on my goals. ✍🏼 I will balance everything I want to do: study well, work hard, be fit, travel more, be adventurous, take risks, and be more awake than asleep (srsly lol). 😼 All I want is to be more productive and get used to being a normal human being by waking up early in the morning. THIS IS SRSLY A CHALLENGE FOR ME. πŸ˜©πŸ˜… #KeepWalkingPH #JohnnieWalkerPH
Outfit by @calyxpretaporter.ph


This 2017, I'll keep walking to become a better entertainer. and im glad this is what i do cause making people happy is my passion. #keepwalkingph #sparkitph


Day 3/21 I need to get back with my old self and start doing things that I really want to do now. Take chances and dont be afraid to make risks. Heading out for a walk today!πŸ‘£ (Hopefully!πŸ˜„)
#JohnnieWalkerPH #KeepWalkingPH

R πŸ‘‘

4/21 God provides. I draw my strength from him & leave everything in him. This 2017, one of my goals it to strengthen my relationship with him.
How about you? What's your goal? Join us with #JohnnieWaller in #keepwalkingph

Dayanara Abella

This 2017, I will keep walking towards my goals and never let any hindrances cease me from attaining success. I will thoroughly enjoy the journey because with @johnniewalker Joy Will Take Me Further! #KeepWalkingPh #JohnnieWalkerPh .
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