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Se for para Shippar, que seja logo de uma vez! 😂❤ - JOSHIFER - #Distrito13Br

Quem concorda que nasceria filhos lindos?

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Join the mockingjay!

I'm going to sleep and I have to woke up after five hours and fifteen minutes... 😓

Kevin McCallister

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Mostly Thg♆⠀ོ∞➷➸➹➴➵➶

Just seen La la land and it was such an amazing movie omfg.😍😭🙌🏼

i love you all

there is bravery, in silence.

I hope all of you had an amazing day!

the past couple days have been filled with

caos, so I hope you all have find some

solace tonight :) anyway, tell me one

New Years resolution of yours. I'd love

to hear it.

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Part of me wants to start a new theme but idkkk :/
qotd; are you a vegetarian, vegan or do you eat meat?
aotd; vegetarian (comment ✨ or "emoji" to be tagged in next photo edit)

Rihanna News

#Rihanna, #NataliePortman, #JenniferLawrence wearing #Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt‬

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