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Direct from #Ireland - Signed vintage cast metal sculpture by Irish artist Jeanne Rynhart, depicting the legendary Irish warrior Cuchulainn. $175.00.
Height: 14.5
Length: 10.5.
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Hapi Macnaughton

Millie rocks!!! 13 kilometres today and she never slows up!!! Sitting and snoozing in the sun while we assisted our friend fishing!!! 14 years and still fighting fit!!!! #millie#irishwarrior#yorkiecross#dogsofinsta#sunning&sleeping!!!!


Chicken Mexican bowls is what's for lunch!! Yup and it is on plan. Why diet when. You don't have to.

1.5❤ 2💚 1💛 1💙


Life is always throwing curve balls. And lately I have been thrown a lot of them.

But I see it this way, you have two choices.

You can either let them hit you right in the face, or you can catch that shit, and win the game of life.

It's your choice

Ryan Egerton

5 years ago you were told you were lucky if you made if 5 more but here we are 5 years later and a year and a half of that being remission your still living proof of miracles you're still showing me to fight like hell when you're knocked to your knees you're showing me in this messed up world we got Goin on that god shines through the darkness and answers the word of prayer. #fightlikehell #fuckcancer #irishwarrior ☘️


Day 1 of the #HealthBet done!!! There's nothing better then throwing some punches to melt the stress away!!!


The thing that has kept me from my passion most is my own fear. 🍀Fear of messing up 🍀Fear of losing count 🍀Fear of forgetting the next move 🍀Fear of looking like A fool 🍀Fear of people not taking me seriously 🍀Fear of letting people down 🍀Fear of NOT being perfect
These are all bullshit excuses that my inner mean girl tries to pull down with.

We all have one, that voice deep inside us, that tells us we can't do it.

Well I am here to say yes we can, the only thing that is stopping us from doing what it is we are meant to do is ourselves.
The only thing that has stopped me from instructing a class since I got certified ( 7months ago ) is ME.

NOT TODAY!!! No more, I promised myself that this year was going to be different. That the goals I set for myself, and for my family are going to happen.

I promised myself that I would master my inner mean girl this year, and SHUT HER DOWN! And that is exactly what I plan to do. No more mediocre life for me, no more self sabotaging, and NO MORE EXCUSES.
Fear is just a BULLSHIT excuse we give ourselves when life just gets a little to uncomfortable.


Not letting the hubby's sweet tooth distract me from my goals.

We as health and fitness coaches/professionals always preach about Balance. And while yes it is important to have Balance in our nutrition, and we should allow ourselves to indulge from time to to.
I have learned through my journey that my binge eating, has stemmed from emotional eating. Which led to my weight gain.
So what that means for me, and also maybe for some of my followers is that when we are going through a emotional time in our lives the balance is to not indulge at all, because our indulgence turns into binging. Our 1 cookie turns into a box of cookies.

What I do when I am going through a emotional time, and lately it seems like it has been an emotional roller coaster. I surround myself with peeps that I know will lift me up, I dive deep into my personal development, and I go hard in my workouts.
If you are someone that suffers from emotional eating and or binge eating, please know you are not alone, and you definitely don't have to over come it alone either.

I am here, and my heart is open and willing to help you take that first step in your journey.
So if my story speaks to you, even if it is just a little let's chat, and let's figure this out together!!!


Getting in some super foods, before cuddle time with the hubby!!!!


If we aren't already friends on snap, let's change that.
Lots of fun stuff happening over there, and I love connecting with new peeps.

So come follow me, or drop your user name below!!!👇👇


A 3 hour #PowerHour with these gorgeous faces!! DJ Marshall had me going gangster on my follow up tonight!!!


I refuse to let this year just slip by without a plan.

I have this burning hunger in my belly to make 2017 the BEST YEAR yet, in all areas of my life.
I will continue to to put the necessary thing in my life, that will help not only help me grow in my own health and fitness journey, but also in my business.
It is my ultimate goal to help as many women as I can to live a healthier and happier life, but it first starts with me.


🍀🍀🍀 EEEKKK... BIG NEWS 🍀🍀🍀 If you have EVER been on the fence about joining one of my challenge groups, well then I have the most MIND BLOWING opportunity for YOU!!!! For a short time beachbody is offering HANDS DOWN the BEST challenge pack EVERRRR.

I can give you complete access to any ( that's right you Hurd me ) ANY program that beachbody has come out with. But wait for PLUS any program that comes out in 2017. How FREAKING AH-MAZING would it be to never have to spend another penny on fitness for the next year.

I know right MIND BLOWING!!!! And if that wasn't enough what if I told you for the month of January, you could earn back some of the money you put out, just by logging your workouts and shakeology.
That's right you will be added to my health bet group with a pot of up to $3 million.
You would be CRAY CRAY Not to want in on this.

So throw me some love in the comments, or send me a message for more information.
Trust me you don't want to miss out on this, and remember it's only for a short window of time, so don't hesitate.
Now who is going to become their own HERO!!!


There has been a lot of adjusting going on in our house, and with that has been lack of sleep.

So I pulled out the BIG GUNS this morning!!!
#BeYourOwnHERO #SheBEASTHealthAndFitness #RedHeadsHaveMoreFun #perfectlyImperfect #PositiveVibes #IrishWarrior #DevotedMom #DevotedWife #GirlBoss #FaithFamilyFitness #TrustTheProcess #YouAreYourOnlyLimit


Ubisi holding a belly full of dominant pups from krypton! Havoc being key to the rebirth of a whole lineage of dominant red hot dogs. Mazerati, Big Scrappy, Havoc himself. Rebirth of a nation

Lucan Harley Stickle

Mark my words,
Three 5 minute rounds.. I predict I'll finish him with just 2 minutes left into the 3rd and final round. 💪👑
Lucan "The Predator" Stickle
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