Sarah Tomasi

❤Coaching Anniversary❤ ➡365 days
➡66 pounds gone
➡Clean eating and portion control
➡Filling my body everyday with shakeology
➡Working out 30 minutes a day in my living room
➡Inspiring others on they way

Think you already have to be fit to be a coach?! NOPE
Becoming a Coach through Beachbody has completley changed my life! Not to sound cheezy but its the TRUTH.

Because I took the leap I gained my confidence back, I am in the best shape of my life, Met wonderful inspirational people on the way, I am able to stay home and make and income by paying it forward and helping others.

You have to get out of your comfort zone. Or forever you will be there. Say YES. Take the leap you will be amazed.

Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat. I Dare 2 Dream.



I like fitness, I really do. And I’m so glad I finally found what works for me. But more than that, I really, really like food. And I really, really like to feel good about myself. Those are the two things I’m REALLY passionate about sharing. And luckily I can leave the fitness up to the professionals, but food and feelings are all on us. It usually takes trial and LOTS, AND LOTS of error. Up until I discovered Beachbody and the idea of clean eating, I bounced back and forth. I either really, really liked food, or I liked my appearance. I had this idea that the two couldn’t go together. It was my body or it was the food. But what I’ve learned (through lots of continuous trail and error, trial and error) is that, I can have both. (Yes I'm pregnant, but the body still counts.) The real difference is WHAT I’m eating. I’ve had people send me articles on things like keto and macro’s and foods that burn fat and “flexible dieting,” and that’s great. But what I'm into is just eating foods that make me feel good. Simple as that. I focus on eating what my body responds well to, inside and out. Did my husbands Arby's last night smell good? Sure. But would that make me feel good, INSIDE AND OUT. No. I’d look 9 instead of 5 months pregnant after and probably be running to the bathroom an hour later in pain. Not saying that I don’t indulge here and there, life is short and I REALLY like food, but the majority of the time I stick to things that make my body happy. I focus on eating foods that make me look the way I like to look, and feel the way I like to feel. I think sometimes “clean eating” gets a bad rep because it’s not really a "diet." No you probably won't lose a bunch of weight by clean eating alone. (Duh.) And I'm sure with those other diets you probably would. But I don't want to diet. I just want to eat good to feel good. It works for me, and I would bet all my money it would for you too. AND YOU CAN STILL ENJOY FOOD. I DO! Just not in the same way I used to. But when you recognize what makes you feel good, it's really, really an easy choice to make. *Written as I currently eat plan yogurt in my car as the smell of Mcondalds wafts around me..see story, lol.


Meal Prepping🐤🐥
And Enjoying My Collagen Beauty Booster 🍷
I Enjoy Cooking W. Some Good Music🎵🎶 .. .. ..


Came home to find these sweet little surprises in my room. 😊 Clearly whoever got me these knows what I love to do...even if it's only 34 degrees outside and there's snow on the ground.
Check out @yaylife for awesome stickers and @larabar for a delicious snack!


So after doing back and shoulders and you notice legs are on point. Winning. Slowly getting there.
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On Martin Luther King Jr. Day a truck was seen in Johnstown, Pa., with a series of problematic images and messages, one of which honored King’s assassin, James Earl Ray. According to the Associated Press, the truck featured a Confederate flag, a dark stuffed animal hanging from a noose, a mannequin of a black man, and a sign on the tailgate that declared, “In Loving Memory of James Earl Ray.” The vehicle has now drawn the attention of Pennsylvania authorities, with Johnstown police and the Cambria County District Attorney’s Office investigating whether charges of ethnic intimidation might be filed against the owner of the truck, who has not been publicly identified.

Holly Lee Donovan

¤ Tell me your story, show me your wounds and I'll show you what love sees when love looks at you. Hand me the pieces, broken and bruised and I'll show you what love sees when love sees you ¤
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Bonnie Skinner

Nourish your body eat whole foods make sure your getting enough protein good fats and carbs don't stress the process😉
Veggies fruits nuts seeds lean meets and cocowhip should make up the majority of your intake 💪🏼
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Rob Bowring

Stick to the plan & see the changes happen!! Got so many plans in place for various projects that the next 6mnths are gonna epic...

Do It For The Gram

Huge shout out to my sis @keepingupwithachilles I know I talk a lot of shit at the gym and push you threw your limits but it's for your own good keep up the hard work ! 💪🏼👌🏼

Dharma Love



Today's drum lesson was based on what you can do with the middle diddle and ghosting. I told my student I would post what we worked on. He had it sounding pretty legit as well. Pardon the sound quality it's just my iPhone and no fancy tricks. There is a whole world in these diddle groves and I can show you in detail. Teaching students via online as well as teacher training programs to learn how to become a game changing teacher. PM for deets!! #teacher #student #drummer #drumming #coach #inspire #grow #musiceducation #learning #sillydrummerface #beatsfromthecore #walrusdrummerdrumlessons


Dream big and get bigger.
Dream about yourself as a successful man and you will become one.
Some told me: that dream becomes reality and reality become a dream.
I believe it because if you dream about success and you and you believe that you can turn your dream into reality that's a half way to success.
The other half is to work hard until you get there.

Delores Springs

Earning degrees can propel your career, but there's no substitute for the fortune received because of good character development through life lessons learned. #careergoals #fortune #character #learning #leaders #growth #strength #motivate #teacher #inspire #success #thespringsofhope #positivequotes #motivationalquotes #leadershipquotes #dailymotivation #dailyquotes #goals #lifelessons #lifegoals #wisdom #successful

Sarah Jane Parker

I love this quote from Francis Anfuso 💗 I heard him on K-LOVE last week and I just had to share what he said. True faith stirs us to action

🌺 I S L A B A B E 🖤

Good things come to those who wait... but better things come to those who work for it! 😘 #truth #workit


Easy peasy @bmymuze @tr.a.ci @haitian_yatted
All we do is get better and stronger
The #NewYearNewMe Specials ARE HERE!! #AbsByApril is in full effect!!! All you have to do is come in!! Whatever package you buy rather its Bootcamp, personal training or sports specific you automatically get a free month of boxing just say #AbsByApril and get the boxing FREE!!! Start the new year off right as a healthy version of YOURSELF!! Your body, your goals! Lets work.  #BATTLEFIELDBROWARD 954-487-9484 #NewYearNewMe #ChangeYourLife #healthiswealth #NOEXCUSES #GrowTheButtLoseTheGut #Boxing  #fitnessmotivation #bestoftheday #fitness #motivation #inspiration #fitfam #motivate #inspire #beastmode #Broward #SaveMoney #physique #mymotivation #calisthenics #HIIT #winner #bootcamp #trainer

66RULESfor BecomingAChampion

You know how everyone says you should focus on strengthening your weaknesses? To turning them into strengths❓❓❓
Well screw that 'cause they're all wrong. ❌❌❌
If you take that approach you'll likely end up Average in a lot of things and NOT Excellent in any one thing. 👎👎👎
No, if you want a chance at becoming a Champion, at becoming World Class in anything, you must focus on perfecting your strengths. 💪💪💪
Case in point, when I came out of college I was good in Public Relations. Today, I'm really, really good. ⚡⚡⚡
Perfect? Nah. Not yet. But close. 😂😂😂 (Okay, enough self-aggrandizement for now; but hopefully you get the point.)
Now if you WANT to be a "Jack of all Trades" but a master of none, you go right ahead. I won't stand in your way. .
But if you want to Kill It, try focusing on just one thing ... something you're already good at ... and transform that one skill or attribute into Greatness. And then you will see your possibilities rocket off before you. 🚀🚀🚀
The fact that you Read, Like and Share my IG “stuff” means a TON to me. Thank you. 💕💕💕
Quote and original "art" by @davidpolitis1 for @66RULESfor.BecomingAChampion. 💥💥💥
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Check out our newest feature 🔥@missnutritious 🔥

Name: Heather Loliger
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Birthday: August 29
Weight: 138
Occupation: Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

1️⃣What sparked your interest in fitness and how did you get started? 💪🏼I had always been active growing up. I spent 12 years as a dancer classically trained in Tap, Jazz , Ballet, and Hip Hop. I also was a gymnast for 7 years, and did track and cheerleading throughout high school and into college. I naturally gravitated towards the physiques of girls on the covers of all the fitness magazines, like @nathaliamelofit , and @courtneykiing . I wanted to take my body to the next level so I started taking my training seriously and set my eyes on one day becoming Miss.Bikini Olympia.

2️⃣How many competitions have you been in so far? Any titles won?
💪🏼I have competed in three NPC shows placing 1st, 2nd and 2nd. Im coming back for that 1st place trophy this next show!

3️⃣What was the biggest obstacle getting started? What kind of mistakes did you make?
💪🏼My biggest obstacle at first was not eating enough. I was scared to increase my intake but not eating enough was holding me back from making ample progress.

4️⃣Favorite Supplement?
💪🏼@bpi_sports protein

5️⃣What is the biggest advice you have received and would give ? 💪🏼ENJOY THE JOURNEY.
Want to learn more about Heather's diet, workout split, skincare, and more? Check out our website *Coming Soon*

Neal Blassingame jr IFBB PRO

Now here is a throwback.. Look what I found @cpgervais my very first posing class with you in 2013. Don't know what the hell I was doing 😂😂😂😂
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