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Alexis Villegas

Continuing on what I've been talking about in regards to becoming acquianted with cities around the world, another one of my favourite pastimes is visiting the chinatown areas of each city I go to (if there is one). Usually every capital city will have one and after living in the Asia Pacific area on and off for five years, I feel very connected to East Asian society. If I'm craving an egg tart or a taro bun, usually this is the best place to find them!
The photo above features the chinatown friendship arch of Philadelphia, isn't it pretty? I love Chinese style temples with all of their gold accents, vibrant colours, and dragon emblems. There's something about the energy and flavour of chinatowns around the world that make me feel like I'm back in my old neighbourhood in Bangkok. You can find nostalgia in the oddest places sometimes! I think one of the reasons I'm so fond of these feelings of familiarity that I keep mentioning, is because when you're constantly moving through different countries and cultures, it's nice to find moments and sensations of being 'home'.
On the note feeling at 'home', one thing I've learned over the years is that home is a place inside of you. It's not a location, an apartment, or even another person, it's a deep place inside of us all that we can reconnect to anytime it's needed. No matter where you go, your heart will always carry 'home' and even though we may miss people or places from time to time, everything you need is already inside of you.✨

Brian Malaspina

Lake life..


Participantes do BBB 17


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Iceland | Photo by @iuriebelegurschi


Crater Cake #EatinSmoke



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No one who achieved great success without being willing to make personal sacrifices.


La' çay?

James P-L

View of the River Nidd from Knaresborough Castle 🏰

Saskia 🔛 Twinkelbella.nl 💕

Je haren wassen met zilver shampoo? Ja hoor, dat doe ik al een hele tijd en het werkt prima. Ik vertel waarom ik dit doe, wat de werking is van zilver shampoo en hoe je een blauwe waas uit je haren krijgt! Link in bio 👆🏻🙌🏻 #hair #beauty #blog

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