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Ronaldo'a freekick vs Celta Vigo 😍👌🏻
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This #volley by #RVP vs #Everton 🔥😱⚽️
💭| Was he the best striker in the world at that time?
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They're more than just friends. They're Family! @neymarjr @leomessi @luissuarez9
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Marcelo goal vs celta vigo 🔥
اصلاً هدف مارسيلو عن تاريخ سيلتا فيغو 🔫 معسلامة نلتقي بعدين 🤔☺️❤

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Insane GOLAZO🙌😱⚽️.
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Stewards have been spotted searching for Ronaldo after the game


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The build-up and finish 🔥😱⚽️
💭| Puskas Contender?
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Riyad Mahrez #freekick 👌

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What a goal from Zlatan! 🔥 🎥 @beautifutbol
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El Stefano

@leomessi with an amazing freekick against Villarreal 🔥❤
#freekick #goal #barcelona #d10s⚽😍🇦🇷 #Messi❤ #lastminutegoal #legend

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Xabi Alonso will retire at the end of this season... You will be missed legend 😎👋 #effortless
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