Dr.Eduardo Fernandez

Decide what it is you want
Write that shit down
Make a fucking plan
And Work on it..
Every single day...
Dr. Eduardo Fernandez
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Haute Barre

Everybody's working for the weekend! Guess what?! It's FRIDAY tomorrow!
Sign up online --> hautebarrestudios.com/schedule
Hit the Barre
5:45 | Shake-It Fusion | Lindsey
9:30 | Shake-It | Heide
12:00 | Fab-45 | Heide 📷by: @brookeaho

JC Salinas

No pain no gain!! 🔥🔥🔥It's training time💪💪 #shreadding

Barre Fitness Port Moody 🇨🇦

Sculpting & shaping happening at the Barre tonight! Join Jen for 6:00 pm Barre Classic (great for your first class!) or 7:15 pm Barre Fitness (great for everyone!) 🙆🏼

Body Of Muscle™

Always Pose with a Smile 😁!! YOUR Hard Work will not go Unnoticed!! Stay FLEXIN'!!💪
💥👉 @stephen_marino_

Sage Nutrition LLC

WHAAAAAT! IS THIS!? I ran out of my #preworkout so had to dip into the wife's supply of @iamfitmiss ignite, 30 minutes later I'm ready to roll! #sagenutrition
@musclepharm_michelle @musclepharm

Healthy everyday_2017

Day 18 January 19. T-minus 7 days until vacation! Today was day 6 of 7 going to the gym. I'm not gonna lie... am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow 😜. Well until 6:15. Confessions: didn't eat the best dinner. I may or may not have had some kraft dinner 😬😬😬. #fitnessgoal #fitjournal #fitbit #motivation #motivation

Nico Van Slyke

Making progress 1 day at a time👌🏽. A lot of times New Years resolutions are broken by the second week of January. If you're still sticking to yours, 👏🏽 congrats! If not, don't beat yourself up, just simply get back on it. Don't let bad habits from the beginning of the year fall into the other 11 months. Get back on it because you have a successful year to look forward to 🙌🏽

Lucky We Live Fit

3 eggs, avocado + hot sauce. 🍳💣 .
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