My second dissection from today's conference is with regards to the Harvard MBA Graduate Student Study in writing goals. "Students were asked: "Have you set clear written goals for your future" -3% had -13% had set goals in their mind
-84% had no goals

10 Years Later

The 13% who had their goals intheir mind but not written down earnt twice the amount of the 84% with no goals

The 3% who had written goals were earning on average 10x the other 97% of the class.

Louie Fateh

This picture was taken around this time last year
I've learned a lot, Met so many people, had ups and downs but now it's time to move on to the next chapter
Life was always good to me, can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring, I'm ready for a new adventure ☔️☂️🌧

Drew Holmes

Imagine being hated so much that you invoke this! There is no denying the power of this photo. Yesterday was historical. 🙌🏻



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....para muchos falsos....😠👊 que buena imagen ✌❤@forero15


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Feelin my self tonight 😎

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