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Los Angeles King: this name represents two things. 1: the city i love and reside in. 2: the image that i was made in. Genesis 1:27 I am in no way the King of Los Angeles. I am also in no way THEE GOD. But i am A God. Made from the Highest Image of all. As you, and yours are. Love! And Peace! To all you Gods and Godess' living in his image. #LosAngelesKing #Producer #Composer #EngineEars #Engineer #Beatmaker #SouthCentral #LosAngeles #Beats #NativeInstruments #RolandUS #ProTools #LogicPro #Ableton #Push #Reason #NotReasons #Cubase #StudioOne #SSL #Neve #YesLawd #GodsChild #JesusIsMyHomeboy #SlapYoNeighbor #PeaceAndLove

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When the fucking Los Angeles County decides to tell you that you can no longer live in the home you've been in for over 20 years because it's not "safe". The property that me & my father have lived on for over 20 years was bought by new landlords who gave us a 30 days notice to leave, then called the city to inspect are home and have them tell us it's not safe. We have lived in a commercial property for so long and suddenly the city decides they want to kick us out because it doesn't meet the "safety" requirements. All this because the new money hungry bullshit owners want to get rid of us. My dad has his business here, he has his family and 30 days to have us pack our shit and leave isn't sufficient. But I'm not surprised seeing that's always been the name of the game... the wealthy get what they want and leave the underprivileged to figure it out. These people don't care about my father or my family. They just see dollar signs. I don't know what my future holds for me or my dad. It feels like we have gone through so much losses back to back since 2015. From the passing of my grandmother, to personal struggles, and now this. I'm trying to keep our heads above water and use whatever knowledge and power I have to stay here for as long as possible but this is heartbreaking & reality only continues to set in.
I despise all these wealthy pieces of shits who decided to come into our neighborhoods and kick out underprivileged human beings for their own personal benefit. Fuck the gentrification of my neighborhood & fuck the Los Angeles County. The govt has never been shit & they've never given two fucks about us. I won't go down without a fight though.


Throw back to one of the craziest thing I've done. I'm pretty sure I was one of the last few that saw this place at its final days, sad to find out they recently took this place down



My braider is Better Than Yours 😝👌💯💯💯@killabootz_ #braids #Onpoint #SouthCentral #Finest #slayedmylife 😂😂😂

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Size Medium $30


Size Medium $30

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Link In Bio. #ProblmChild #Hiphopartist #Westcoast #underground #rapper #losangeles #southcentral #MuhammadAli #youtube

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And on the last night of Obamas presidency- the first President I could vote for- I will not remain silent, yet again. Long story short: kids did stupid stuff at my high school, I posted a video on FB with an overwhelmingly positive response. Until this. I didn't know what to say, so I waited until I could speak my truth with conviction and sincerity. Like Michelle Obama told us- when they go low, we go high. ✊🏽 if you're my friend on FB, and you agree, do me a favor and show some LOVE on the reply 😍😘❤️ for real for real, no negativity. We need to practice healthy communication👍🏽 #SocialJusticeClapBack #Positive #SouthCentral #Detroit #TheyGoLowWeGoHigh #ObamasTaughtMe #ThatMyPresident #activist


Feel like listening to some fucking fire? 🔥Okay. Today we have a throwback for everyone from South Central L.A native Cozz. Now, we gave you a small taste on Cozz on our last post, but this song right here, this will turn you into a fan. It sure got J.Cole's interest, thus making him part of the Dreamville team.💯🔑 Enjoy!Head over to our blog to check out more from Cozz🔑➡️Link In Bio.

Justin Johnson & Aaron Garcia

Los Angeles Fire Dept. Rescue 866 - South LA. #lafd #lafdsouth #lafdpix #southcentral #FB1

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