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Der Erfolg des Abkommens von Paris hängt maßgeblich von einer Beteiligung der USA ab. Als eines der Länder mit den meisten Emissionen besitzen die Vereinigten Staaten eine Verantwortung gegenüber Natur und Menschheit, die der gewählte Präsident anscheinend nicht wahrhaben will.
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Our Managing Director of SSE Aida Greenbury, is at #wef17, sharing our progress & challenges in #ParisAgreement implementation by private sector.


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Thank you for your support thus far. We're at the beginning of something good.


"That’s our most important mission, to make sure our kids and our grandkids have at least as beautiful a planet, and hopefully more beautiful, than the one that we have. And today, I'm a little more confident that we can get the job done." —President Obama #ActOnClimate

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Over the next couple of weeks, I will be showcasing how Climate Change will impact different areas of our lives (through photos) including health, the environment, our transportation and urban infrastructure, our food security, and our water resources. The term "Global Warming" is not an accurate and comprehensive depiction of the impacts of Climate Change. That misguided term has fueled the skepticism, denial and outright manipulation of sound scientific data. It's important we use accurate and concise terminology!

Water is our lifeblood, we cannot live without it. In this country, we often take it for granted. But in many others, water (especially clean water) is not a given. 1.6 billion people worldwide live in places with "absolute water scarcity," a number expected to increase to 2.8 billion by 2025 (World Bank). Climate Change is impacting (and will continue to) many countries' and states' water resources through increased intensity, less predictable, and longer duration droughts. At times, Climate Change will impact our water through higher intensity, unpredictable and more devastating floods, resulting in billions of dollars worth of damage, loss of life and disrupted livelihoods. For many cultures, water is central to the spiritual, environmental and health of their people.

Drought will impact #agriculture through access of water to crops and livestock. Due to the devastating US droughts of 2012, @usdagov declared a "natural disaster" in 2,245 counties (nearly 71% of the US). Drought impacts #wildfire that have continued to rage across the US. This includes the Fort McMurray Fire (2015), the costliest fire in #canada history; the Anderson Creek Fire (2016), the largest wildfire in #kansas history; and the Carlton Complex Fire (2014), the single largest fire in #washington history. Drought impacts the environment, its wetlands, fisheries and forests and inevitably the many species that inhabit these places.
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"Grab her by the pussy." A coursed action that notably is described as sexual assault.
The owner of those words will soon be our POTUS and that's okay it seems to some. What isn't okay is when someone says "Obama didn't do anything." Just some facts:
1. Imagine not affording antibiotics for your child? Or a broken ankle? Pneumonia? 20M Americans who once could not afford or did not have healthcare - do now
2. Osama Bin Laden
3. 60 years and diplomatic ties with Cuba have been restored
4. Minimum wage has been raised to well over $10.10 and in states like NY up to $15
5. Revised the auto-industry from detriment. GM & Chrysler have issued 250,000 jobs since
6. "In my second inaugural address, I said that if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well"
7. He passed Dodd-Frank Act, which holds Wall Street accountable in the event of another financial crisis
8. He jumpstarted the economy during the worst recession since the Great Depression; signed the Recovery Act, which cut taxes and saved millions of jobs
9. Repealed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. LGBT members of the armed forces no longer have to hide who they are
10. Fought for the Paris Agreement: comprehensive framework to reduce global climate change. So your kids and their kids can know a beautiful planet and its habitat
But what should be #1 is this: (as I paraphrase GQ writer, @jimnelsongq) This year’s carnival election, with Trump as a debauched circus barker, an absurdity and car-crash spectacle (will soon be our POTUS.)
President Obama flew above it all. And, luckily, he took most of us with him. He was the Leader not only of our country but of our mood and disposition, which is harder to rule. At a time when we became more polarized, our discourse pettier and more poisoned, Obama always came across as (the gentleman) the adult in the room, the one we hope our children - boys in particular, can grow up like with such intellect and grace.
He proved intellect wins over ignorance - always. You will be forever complimented as one of the greatest of all time @barackobama We, thank you. I, thank you. ❤️💙#godspeed #godblessamerica

Our world, Our issue 🌏💧

The global South is leading #cleanenergy! Developing countries have made unprecedented pledges to produce and consume more #cleanenergy tomorrow even as they are leading the way today with record new #wind and #solar project completions, the latest edition of Climatescope concluded.

The clean energy country competitiveness index showed that a key group of emerging nations built 18% more renewable capacity than wealthier countries in 2015. Four in five such countries have now set national clean energy targets.

China accounted for the majority of activity in Climatescope countries for the third year, but smaller nations also played important roles.

Read more about it in the UNFCCC Newsroom (see bio for link)

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This year's #Assembly featured the #launch of 'REthinking Energy 2017' which examins the latest #trends in #RenewableEnergy
and dramatic changes in #Energysector in many coutries

Follow me on Twitter "amrutant" to get tweets direct from assembly.

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Straight from #opening of the seventh #Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the 2017 Legislators Forum, “Renewable Energy – the Role of Legislators in Catalyzing Action”

The meeting will allow 150 participant countries to exchange best practices and learn from each other’s experiences in creating effective renewable energy policy.

#IRENA7A #RenewableEnergy #parisagreement #SDGs #inabudhabi #abudhabi #wfes2017
#leadership #sustainabledevelopment #internationalleaders

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Trees help offset the carbon footprint we create every day.
One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles (40,000 kilometers). Join the treeera crew @treeeraco and help us plant one billion trees together and make a difference in the world. #treeeraco


I didn't just not vote for this sexual predator because he's an admitted sexual predator, or a racist, or a misogynist, or a bigot, but also because of his policies. If you can even call the ridiculous crap he spews policies. #redo2016 #parisagreement #climatechange #takeresponsibility #thisisourmess #cleanitup #trump


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#Repost @nature_trumps_all with @repostapp
During President Obama’s #farewell address, he expressed taking on the challenge of #climatechange. “Now, we can and should argue about the best approach to solve the problem. But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations, it betrays the essential spirit of this country—the essential spirit of innovation and practical problem-solving that guided our Founders.” _____

Some U.S. environmental highlights he shared from the past 8 years:
👍🏼Cut dependence on foreign #oil in half
♻️Doubled #renewableenergy
🌎Led the world with the #ParisAgreement, with promise to save our planet

He cautioned without bolder action “our children won't have time to debate the existence of climate change. They'll be busy dealing with its effects” including: ⚠️more environmental disasters
⚠️more economic disruptions
⚠️waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary


I encourage you to read the entire farewell address transcript (link below). On a personal note, to me, #PresidentObama is a national treasure and I appreciate his action as a resilient warrior for environmental progress across the globe. I’ll always remember his humble dedication, exemplary grace and integrity demonstrated while in office. I will miss you, #POTUS, and can’t wait to see what you set your sights on next.





Human Impacts Institute

In 2011, 16 year old Boyan Slat came up with a way to make the ocean clean itself. Now his idea is scheduled to be implemented in 2016! Thanks to him, significantly less plastic waste will plague our oceans. How can YOU #makethemagichappen?

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Ketika kawasan Hutan Lindung (HL) beralih fungsi menjadi tanaman Kelapa Sawit. Dengan terbentuk nya kelak KPH di harapkan dapat mencegah terjadi nya perluasan perambahan areal hutan tegakan pada kawasan hutan dengan memberdayakan masyarakat di dalam atau sekitar hutan.

Peran Kader Konservasi Alam (KKA) tidak kalah penting nya dalam melestarikan dan memberdayakan masyarakat dengan program Hutan Kemitraan, Hutan Kemsyarakatan atau Hutan Desa yakni konservasi berbasis masyarakat.

Namun yang menjadi kendala masyarakat perambah telah trauma dengan sejumlah oknum yang mengatasnamakan pengurus HKm dengan mengantongi sejumlah uang masyarakat namun tidak kunjung realisasi.

Namun hal tersebut tidak bisa di biarkan sehingga perambahan akan terus berlanjut dan menjadi masyarakat penjual hutan. Untuk itu harus ada ketegasan aparat terkait dalam menjaga kelestarian hutan dan tidak terjebak dalam pasal 'pembiaran'. Hutan menghasilkan oksigen dan zat mikrobiologis yang sangat berarti bagi kehidupan manusia namun hal itu jarang dan kurang disadari oleh manusia. Kader Konservasi Alam terus bergerak.
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Wore this shirt by @alexrossart once when he won and will wear it again on his last day. #ThanksObama for the #class and #leadership the past 8 years. Perhaps one of the most inspirational #presidents we’ve had since #JFK. It is easy to forget how decimated the economy was in 2007, especially for younger people. Things aren't perfect but the #economy has been rescued and we have come a long way. It is easy to see you have worked for ALL #Americans, though many never gave you a chance. I see some of those many that I personally know have also prospered the most these past 8 years. Thanks for not only acknowledging #climatechange and the need to care for our only home, but taking action with the #ParisAgreement and investing in #cleanenergy. The list goes on... You and your family's #class, #elegance and #grace will be missed greatly.

Cielomar Chua

Assest owners managing trillions launch #climate investment tracker bit.ly/2j7P0SH #ParisAgreement #ClimateAction

Kimberley Davis

Reading through the Paris Agreement for research on my senior thesis and while it's interesting, it's definitely not helping with the acceptance that I'm no longer in France 💔 .
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Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

To address climate change, countries adopted the Paris Agreement at the COP21 in Paris on 12 December 2015. In the agreement, all countries agreed to work to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius, and given the grave risks, to strive for 1.5 degrees Celsius.
At the upcoming ACUNS - UN 2017 Conference, Dr. Keywan Riahi - Program Director of the Energy Program at @IIASA will deliver a speech on "Energy transitions in the context of the SDGs and the Paris #Climate Agreement” at expert panel on "Cleaner Industrial Production and #Energy for Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth”. We look forward to hearing Dr.Riahi’s speech on 19th of January at @unitednations Headquarters in Vienna!

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