Wil Dasovich

Just what i needed to help me get back on the #balikalindog regime. The space efficient #DysonPureCoolLink fits perfect in my living room. Hindi lang fan kundi an air purifier as well para clean ang air sa bahay ko. Got the remote control as well which is magnetic and sticks to the top of the fan. Rak ito! #DysonPhilippines

Wil Dasovich

Check out my latest addition to the editing cave! Not just a fan but an air purifier as well. No more gastos sa aircon at cleaner air sa aking baga ☺its filter is very powerful cuz of its 360 degree HEPA filter that captures odors & particles as small as 0.1 microns. Astig ng design nitong #DysonPureCoolLink! Anything to help the editing grind at alam na #parasavlog #DysonPhilippines
(All that stuff under the desk is mailtime, I wil get to it eventually promise!)

mikaela • lagdameo • martinez

This year I am making a conscious effort to a cleaner and greener home🌴 Starting off with a fan that not only cools the air, it cleans it too by capturing micro-allergens with the newest technology by Dyson! Love that it's totally safe for kids too! No need to worry about those tiny fingers getting caught🤗 #DysonPureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines

The Spoiled Mummy

And just like that... it's Monday once again! And I'm back to work, back in my #homeoffice where I write for #TheSpoiledMummy blog 💻and work on the sales and inventories 📊 for @gracehomemanila. I've also been using my new "intelligent fan" here in my room - the sleek and stylish Dyson #PureCoolLink. It's a two in one (fan and air purifier!) that cools the place down easily and cleans the air efficiently, all at the same time! ✔️ Because having clean and fresh air all around me is what I need to help me think better and do my job well! 💪🏼To find out more about this uber cool and smart new machine, check out my review on the blog now. Good morning, Monday ☀️☀️☀️Sending good and happy vibes to everyone! ❤#Dyson #DysonPhilippines #TSMrecommends

Martine Cajucom

so I convinced my sister to get a @dyson pure cool link too as the latest piece in her perfectly curated everything

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi

Romping time! One of the things I love the most about the Dyson Pure Cool Link is that it has no blades so I never have to worry about little fingers getting stuck in there!

#DysonPureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines

Christine Dychiao

After a month of using our #DysonPureCoolLink, I've got my review up on the blog! I love how it gets rid of all the smells of ulam after weeks of holiday partying, especially how it kept the air in our rooms clean even with all the fireworks during the New Year, I didn't have to worry at all about the quality of air the kids breathe in. I've got more reasons why I ❤️ #DysonPhilippines, and in in a nutshell: it's a NEED, not a want! Read why in the blog 😉

Vern Enciso

I tend to be very OC about my space that I need it to be clean all the time. I received @dyson's Pure Cool Link last Christmas and discovered that I can go as far as making it not only odor free but pollutant free as well! Love that I can control it anywhere even when I’m abroad through the Dyson Link app ❤️ #DysonPhilippines #DysonPureCoolLink

Verniece Enciso

Mornings are made better with my #DysonPureCoolLink that I can access through the Dyson Link app ❤️ it's amazing how it's a fan & air purifier in 1! Now I won't have to worry about bad odors and pollution 😊 #DysonPhilippines


Finally, I have a Dyson at home. Over Christmas I received this amazing Pure Cool Link. It is a fan and air purifier in one. And because it’s by Dyson, it has the most cutting-edge technology. The air purifier can remove 99.95% of indoor allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns – these are particles that are 1000 times smaller than a human hair strand. This is excellent for our family because one of our daughters just developed asthma, which you can imagine is a very scary and serious condition if left unattended. At night, this Pure Cool Link goes to our daughters’ bedroom so I can have peace of mind that my they are breathing good and clean air. It is so easy to move around because of its small footprint. It is also an ‭intelligent purifier‬: the sensor at the back can capture odours and small particles that pollute the air. This also comes with a Dyson app that can let you monitor air quality in your home and allow you to turn on/off the unit from a remote location. Check out my Dyson Pure Cool Link in my blog and see how we are using it all over our home.‬‬
#DysonPureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines @dyson

Cecile Zamora van Straten

Love our Dyson Pure Cool Link! It's a blade less electric fan AND air purifier that captures allergens and pollutants not visible to the human eye.
I love the minimalist design and this tiny remote control that sticks to the top of the fan.
I can use my phone + the Dyson Link app as a remote control and check the quality of air in the house/room even when I'm not there.
Check out this awesome invention at the Dyson concept store in Greenbelt 5. #PureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines


Cleaned out my old records this morning! I'm obsessed with them each time I travel that's all I look for. The older the better lol. But man were they dusty i had to go through the them right in front of my #DysonPureCoolLink just so I wouldn't get an asthma attack. I love this fan! Every household should have one not only does it purifies the air I breathe a home. It also keeps my books, records etc from becoming moldy. Plus it's so quiet! Noisy fans are so annoying lol 😂❤️ #DysonPhilippines

Liz Uy

Staying in today. Post-holiday and in need of some good air quality time 🌬🌬🌬#DysonPhilippines

Michele Gumabao

The holiday parties and the fireworks from New Year's Eve made cleaning up the house quite a challenge. Good thing my #DysonPureCoolLink ensures that we have safe and healthy air at home. Very useful if you also have furry friends at home because it can capture not only dust but pet dander as well. This air purifier is a fan too, and with the Dyson Link app I can control it even when I'm away. This way I can make sure everyone at home stays cool and safe. Visit the #DysonPhilippines concept store at Greenbelt 5 to try it out!

Nikki Gil-Albert

Best discovery for me this year is the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier! I get asthma and allergy attacks when exposed to dust, pollen, and other allergens. And thanks to this stylish air purifier and fan, I can be sure the air in my home is clean. I can even monitor HOW clean it is on my smart phone with the Dyson app! Super Cool! :) #DysonPureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines

Camille Co

Finally stopped sneezing caused by my allergies, all thanks to my new baby--the
#DysonPureCoolLink 😍 Not only is it a sleek bladeless fan, but it's also an air purifier. 🌬 It even has an app I can use to monitor the air condition in my room! More about this baby on my blog
www.itscamilleco.com #DysonPhilippines

Bianca King

Cuddle time with the dogs doesn't make me sneeze anymore. #DysonPureCoolLink helps clean up not just let dander but other allergens invisible to the eye. Barely using my aircon now too because the air purifier is also a fan strong enough to cool my big room! #DysonPhilippines

Erwan Heussaff

It's always sad to take down Christmas decorations every year, yet it always marks the beginning of a new chapter, a fact that can only be exciting. I'm keeping my pure cool link fan running, to help me with a 2017 focused on health and fitness. I've decided that this will be my most productive and hopefully fittest year yet #DysonPhilippines #DysonPureCoolLink #sp

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

I'm totally in love with my Dyson Pure Cool Link. It's the chicest bladeless fan being sold today. It's capable of intelligent purification with the unique 360 degree HEPA filter that captures small harmful particles, while the activated carbon layer capture odors.
The effect: no more asthma for my boy Asher & baby Alana.
The best part: there's an app that's connected to the Dyson Cool Link unit that will tell you how clean or dirty the air in your room is. Now that's AWESOME!!!!
Head on over to catarambulo.com to know more. Link is on my bio!👊🏻
#dysonpurecoollink #coollink #dysonphilippines @dyson

ida anduyan

It's one thing to have your room aesthetically fresh, and it's a whole 'nother thing to have it literally fresh. #DysonPureCoolLink makes sure of that last part. Read more about it on idaanduyan.com. #DysonPhilippines

Cecile Zamora van Straten

Best gift ever! #dysonpurecoollink tried and tested at chuvaness.com #DysonPhilippines

Bianca King

There's no changing Amelie's sleeping habits on my bed. Blogged on www.biancaking.com about how I control dust and dander in my room. Cleaner and cooler air with #DysonPureCoolLink. A beautiful fan and air purifier in one! No more allergic rhinitis in the morning! #DysonPhilippines

Slater Young

I am a fan! 😂 (get it?)
Spending the holidays allergy free thanks to my #DysonPureCoolLink. It helps control the dust in our home even when we host big family get togethers. 👌🏼 Thanks #DysonPhilippines.

Lissa Kahayon

Catching up with work and e-mails today. 💻 Don’t you just love how my #DysonPureCoolLink looks so stylish?
It pops out against these pink pastel walls! 💞Read more about it at lissakahayon.com #DysonPhilippines

Cecile Zamora van Straten

Came home to more presents and especially curious about #DysonPureCoolLink. Thank you #DysonPhilippines for the wonderful surprise! 🎄🎄🎄

Erwan Heussaff

When I'm short on time I enjoy working out at home. It doesnt give me the luxury of saying that I didnt have time or couldn't go to the gym and knowing that there's a rower waiting for me on the other side, helps. This is one of those exercises that really makes you sweat quite a bit, so it's good to have a fan at a medium speed right by you and even better if it's a #DysonPureCoolLink handy for fresh and purified air. #DysonPhilippines Make sure to check out my blog post on thefatkidinside.com discussing the importance of purified air at home.

Lissa Kahayon

Working out at home today with my #DysonPureCoolLink. 💪🏻 Exercising is literally a breeze when you have clean and cool air at home. 🌬Read more about this air purifier at www.lissakahayon.com #DysonPhilippines


The only gift I could ask for is that my children be allergy-free so we don't have to go in and out our pedia's clinic anymore. Definitely glad to share that I'm a happy momma with this Dyson purifier + fan in one. Selene has been cough and runny nose-free just a week after we got this sleek tower fan that rids the air of all allergens and pollutants, even the tiniest ones. I love that it's measurable too — you can track the air quality of the room in the Dyson app. It's on auto-schedule so it turns on by itself and purifies without any effort from me. Happy are our holidays, indeed!
#DysonPureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines

Shamcey S. Lee

When you're a mom, you get so obsessed in making sure that your home is always clean and safe for the little one and I found a new friend in the Dyson Pure Cool Link. Aside from its ability to capture up to 0.1 microns in the air, I also have no worries of Nyke accidentally poking her fingers inside the fan because 'alas' there are no blades in this one!!! #DysonPureCoolLink #DysonPhilippines

Slater Young

Never turning this off, seriously. Allergy free thanks to #DysonPhilippines.
I have the #DysonPureCoolLink running in my room 24/7 to help me with my allergies and i can honestly say that it has helped a lot. I can breathe easier. Plus i can monitor the air quality in my room anytime with their app. (My mom saw this and is buying another one) haha!

Cat JL

The kids and I have been enjoying hanging around our Christmas tree and I love how we don't need to worry about dust from storage. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier has been doing a great job of keeping the air around us dust and dander (ahem, @tayothecat) free. It even has an app that tells you when the air around you needs to be purified. I've got more info on this wonder machine on the blog. Link on my IG profile. | catjuan.com #dysonphilippines #dysonpurecoollink

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