Heni Kurniawati, SST

Putri BPJ #24
@backpackerjakarta24 😂😂😂, efek ngebet banget pengen jadi putri indonesia gak kesampean, sedikit gila banner dipake 😂 *plissgakusahketawa
#nagahitam #gesrek #backpackerjakarta24 #saynotobape24n


근무싀작👊👊 오늘 왜 이렇게 계속 배가 고프지🍲🍖🍕🍔🍣🍻🍰🍜🌮🍤🧀

healthy with noun 😂😀😉😍

Hello 👋 comment ça va ?! Yo on est le 17 nn ?! Purée je crois que je vien de faire 24 ans !
C'est chaud de dormir à 23 ans et de se réveiller à 24 ans 😂😂
Je me souhaite un joyeux Anniversaire 🎂 😂
#delire #anniversaire #24 #janvier


anyways this is my real woman...who makes my heart die and i love her forever...that's the tea.


Going through old pictures and missing feeling 22 with this babe tons!! @sarahsiren393 Also, one more week until mah birthday! 🖤💋🍾🖤 #classic #TypicalUs #bestfriend #sisters #redlipstickgang #24

Michael L. Baldain

Madden 17 Connected Career Year 3 - Week 1 Vs Patriots Highlight #24 #madden #madden17 #instago

Unhyphenated America

Nugget #24 **DON'T MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS BY WHAT OTHERS HAVE AND HAVEN'T DONE.** Several years ago I met a friend whom I have known for over 10 years. He looked at me and said, "John, I see all the great things that God has done in your life and how He has caused you to increase in every way. But, as I began to look at YOUR life I became full of doubt as to what God was doing in MY life." He said, 'I saw what He had done in YOURS and I began to doubt what that God was really working in MINE because I had not had the same success that you have." I turned, looked at him and said, "Well if it's true that you feel bad because God has been good to me, then would it be true that you would feel better if I had had terrible failures and had been doing much worse over the past several years?" He gave me a quizzical look and he responded and said, "No, that would not be true." I said, "Well, if it is true for one it is true for the other. Really, it shows how inaccurate your thinking is. What happens in MY life has nothing to do with what God is doing in YOUR life." Too many people know how to live everybody's life but their own.


Hiks ... See auntehnya jaill Kaka LG puck dvideo 😀goell goeell see Kaka LG puck keras.. lucunya exspresimu nak el#24 😁😁😁😋


Happy birthday my love ❤️ #24 #bestfriends

ᑕᕼᗩᑎG ᔕIK🤗

나란히😊출사 나가고 싶으당
#canon #캐논 #l렌즈 #광각렌즈 #표준줌렌즈
#16-35mm #24-105mm

Victor Zambrano Raygoza

Starting new chapter #24 in #Cuba // Empezando nuevo capítulo #24 en Cuba 🇨🇺. #traveling #havana

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