STEPHANIE•RISTESKI @stephanie.risteski

Thankyou for spending the last 13 years of our dancing life with me @miah.rl. We are going to miss you at dancing, but we are so grateful and happy that we were able to make thousands of memories for your last year! We love you. 💙 #planetdance#paintthestage#MiahwithaH #weloveyou


HAHAHAHAHHA^ idiot ... yous are my faves ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love yous ... and is that churros in the back 😳😂

Yasss George 😂😂

Miah with a H not Miah with an A cause Miah with an A is ..... you lost me after that @miah.rl @stephanieristeski


This is so beautiful! Thankyou for everything Steph! Love you guys 😘

Miss you already ..

Love you all so much❤️❤️