Siobhán @odwyer_sio9

hands down one of my favorite days of 2016🌲🌿. Who's ready for some 2017 adventures? 🌎 I know I am 🚎💨💨


@gypsyjules420 thanks girl 🌙💙 it's in a forest in Washington- really sad but it was considered trespassing so they tore it down earlier this fall- beautiful piece of history that should have never been removed! Hope your travels are great & you have a beautiful NYE😘😘

@espresso_jeff thanks so much- means a lot! 🌞

@18_annette yes it is 😘💙

@seaglass_and_shells same to you!!! Thank you so much! 😘😘💙 xoxo

@kravetheworld thanks girlie!! 😘😘💙

@juliannavezza you're the best 😘😘💙 hope you're ready for the new year too girl! 💙💙 all my love!

@hellotuesday 😘😘 thanks girl!