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I see some ask is the admiration we have for him because he's a black man. And truthfully, some of it is. But it's also his integrity, his character, his charisma, his representation, his cool in the face of hate & slander, his motive, his words, his education, his symbolism of change, his equality for everyone and not just black people, & his love for his family. All while being in the highest seat in the world, the President of The United States. We don't get this image much in our society. They paint us bad on every canvas. So hell yeah we're PROUD! And there may be another black president one day but it will never be another 1st or another @barackobama!


Very well said!

I know that's right! 👏🏾

Very intelligently spoken

Much agreed Fab! 👌🏾

Well said!!!!