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@Indians sign 1B/DH @encadwin to 3-year contract with club option for 2020. #HotStove


@sabi__18 clearly, you don't understand that lohr is my last name. And my first name starts with a j. Idk why you think making fun of my name by saying "jlo" is really helping your argument.

@jlohr25 jlo lol..insulting thru a comment, thats what ignorant people do jlo

@lovestheology Man, you guys won a World Series and controlled the division for almost 3 years. It our turn 😂😂😂😂

Man you're just mad bc my team's going to be really good @tootieskimbar2


@sabi__18 you idiot. The Cubs didn't pay them money, their own fans paid them. If a team is winning, more tickets and gear is bought to support the team.