Michelle Obama (archived)

Michelle Obama (archived) @michelleobama44

"Every day, I try my best to pass down to my girls that same love and that same dreaming spirit that Marian and Fraser Robinson passed down to me – that same love and spirit that your ancestors passed down to all of you and that you will pass on to your own children and grandchildren. Because in the end, I believe that that is the true path of history in this country – it is long and it is winding and it can be very painful. But ultimately, it flows in the direction of hope, dignity, and justice because of people like you who stand up for your values, who stay true to who you are and where you’ve come from and who work every day to share the blessings you’ve had with others." —The First Lady celebrating the #NativeYouth of New Mexico's Santa Fe Indian School this past spring. This Friday the First Lady will celebrate the school counselors who help students across the country #ReachHigher. Tune in for Mrs. Obama's final speech at 11AM ET at wh.gov/live.


Reach for the SKy

Every touch, smile is appreciated First Lady 👑

Please come to Seattle and train with me. Or take a class. We share the same birthday, year and date! You are a huge heart I so appreciate. Much love!!

That's YOUR Chief Joseph blanket! 😳 @ink_silhouette

As a Native American you inspire my family and I everyday. We are beyond blessed to have you as our First Lady and bringing your story to ours. Thank you for recognizing our native youth generation ❤️