Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans @marlonwayans

I can turn a blind eye although I see you. You stealing from me? Nah you stealing from you. Think you hurting me nah, whatever you take I've already replaced. I'm blessed God provides... you stealing is the devils work but see Forgiving you is God's work. And that's what separates me from you is my heart that God sees is big enough to instantly forgive a trespasser and for that he provides. I'm good. I need nothing so I can focus on all that I want. I hope it helps. Never get mad at dropping crumbs when you already have the loaf of bread. Leave the crumbs for the birds take the bread for the fam and EAT. Be thankful to God that you have bread


Wow amen



Amen 🙏

Breathe... so somber lately. 😐 Your always smiling. Happiness is a Predetermined attitude unaffected by your circumstances!