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Marlon Wayans @marlonwayans

People are shackled by their own fears, shackled by judgement from peers, lost to the souls of others, so worried about fitting in that they can't even fit in their own skin. Quick to judge, scared to love broken souls need spiritual hugs. Try to cut anyone different with their shattered thoughtless glass, wanna pick up the mirror never a magnifying glass. Well you can judge me on paper, you smite me with words but will not halt my irreverence some call absurd. See I have an occupation that makes me seek truth, in my Garden of Eden the will be no unbitton fruits. I'm not here to be loved I'm here to be real, never been mainstream cuz I say what I feel. But see I will crossover in spite of being blue, and if I do not who cares to thine own self I stayed true. You ain't a fan if you a follow, you're a fan of you believe because I hit you with jokes that make u laugh til you can't breath. I'm not afraid of silence or addicted to laugh I'm exploring my creativity from appropriate to crass. I never gave a fuck so I don't think I will start now, I'll just keep saying shit that makes people go "wow". You can love it or hate it I don't really care, I just do it with love and say fuck you to fear. So I'll end this soliloquy with the purist thoughts about me, I'm the realist nigga I know because I'm truest to ME. Peace, adios, I will catch you all later, LOVE TO MY FANS... And FUCK ALL YOU HATERS! M.W. just some shit on my chest. #befree #betruetoyou


WOW that's Bold, Brave, and Beautiful. Keep keeping it real Boyyy 💪🏾👌🏾👌🏾😊

so true tho !!!

GOD BLESS YOU and the WAYANS @marlonwayans


@classily_yours because at 32 it's edgy to be jobless and living off of your father

Boy you a slave to the "D". I meant D for Democrat.

My nigga