Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans @marlonwayans

Basically I'm unapologetically ME... not for you but for me. And I dare to be me. Now dare to love me or live without me but either way it goes I'm still me. I'd say sorry for being me but I'm unapologetic... remember?
- Marlon wayans


You have offended so many people! Yet you tell your fans; that pay your bills that your unapologetic! Sadistic shit! Mess up your career because you wanna be inappropriate! That's your daughter, you should have known better! Stop acting like a COON! An

Marlon. You have so many people including myself that think you are the bees knees. We love you just the way you are. If anyone else can't see it or understand it that's on them.


There's no room for nothing else #IM unapologetic #DARING TO BE FREE🔥

And the mass keeps Running! Runing! Running!