John Terry

John Terry @johnterry.26

Training with @diego.costa 🏃🏻💨
Enjoy your day off boys @chelseafc


Invite me

@fiqhazard no actually because in costas pic there is no dove bottle

Mlg boys im big fan

One a legend one that's heads been turned by a serious amount of cash

Have you arrived in leic yet ?? Would love for Matthew to pop and see you guys as only live 10 min drive from Marriot or the Hilton @johnterry.26 he is so much happier after his transplant unless you fancy a surprise visit to play FIFA 17 vs him that would make his day

@bferz you seem prettt strong behind a screen, such a monster😇

John, I only bring it up because you clearly let Diego in the back door without him paying. @maroun_akl @dd @vladimirguerrero