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I was gon do them bikes tommoro after I come off @99jamz stage but something is telling me Just chill so ain't going against anything higher than me... But i will be on water like this tho! @princejdc @kingcombs @lilduke60 @thuggerthugger1 @bmoneyback92 @cheeksbossman_gemg @jimjonescapo u niggas hidin or ridin???🤔

The fear of being lonely always made me keep the wrong company

It's never bout how u fell it's about how u got back up. #BlackElvis

🙄🔥🐐 this shit too easy! RP @iamdjemoney

I'm on some new ish! Whole 17' I'ma stack it up like I'm Jewish! #BlackElvis

Ima go so hard y'all gon think I got a cheat code to this shit! #BlackElvis

🤔 niggas must've forgot how I play.. this ain't even the half! RP @iamdjemoney

Ion post everything cus sometimes being silent is louder than u think! But im winning in real life! the right way!

it only happens in miami 📸 @j.cole950

🙏🏾 blessings! Salute to all the Fans and supporters , My new single #BadTings just crossed 1 million streams on @spotify 💿 thank you for all the support! @epicrecords


Never loved anything or anyone like this ever it's scary.

Just fckin round... with it RP @iamdjemoney

Could never be sold @writingsfrommichael

No music , my brother 4Real.. @bizzycrook

Ask @djkhaled how Long I been putting in work....

When God got ur back worry about nothing but lookin forward! 📸 @goodluckrancel

I hate that showed u niggas luv , this year man that shit a dub!

It be the same niggas that tell you keep doing ya thing knowing damn well they hate u for that thing.

Wake up everyday and feel like it's F%#$& all of these N&$#%^ s/o @damsndistress for customizing my jacket

Listen don't matter what u say about me when u talk about me good or bad but before u finish that statement make sure u say "But that n*gg doing his thing tho"

BLAC Zoey Dollaz

Double back..'17

Til the sun come up.. @officialeighty8

😭😭😭😭😭😭 @mr.clankclank305 😳
Song: Zoey Dollaz x Db - Bad tings

New Year – another @epicrecords anthem! Stream my new single #BadTings now featured on @Spotify's #GetTurnt Playlist link to stream is in my bio!

Young jetski Dollaz 🐐🌊

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