Yves Huy Truong

Yves Huy Truong @yvestruong

Photographer / Director


benji the nephew . @brentwoodhome #bwhpets

@shelbychesnes on the go

reunited at the studio with @shelbychesnes

ayeee if yall cruisin thru LA you'll prolly see my shots of @zedd for @omnianightclub and @jewelnightclub thanks for the snaps @brittanyroughton #zedd #omnia

Disconcerting Marta @martathemartian

Body Game @laurenahayes

Coke Bottle @camrynherold

Wrap Up Pt2. additional 2016 clips with a preview for something coming up.

almost forgot to post my end of the year video reel 😳 Didn't get to do that many videos this year because of work but here's to many more projects next year! ft. @theresefischer @brittanyroughton @msgigiparis @gisellepina @emilypalos @rikkibarton @bellacirnski @melinacharles_ @melwitharosee @josierenault #2016wrap #modelvideos #fortress #illenium

White Boost 3.0s. thanks for the digs @randynakajima @cozy #teamcozy

drop top @camrynherold

rain drop @laurenahayes

Kristina @ruskristinka

I know it's been a minute. Finally got around to a late present to the homie @gisellepina 🎁😜 🎥 #edx #pools #lalife #gh4 #colorfinale mua @makeupbylucky

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