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pretty sure we just flew thru heaven .

in for the nite .

the boy with the paper airplane tattoo .

yesterday was my birthday and i got the best gift ever .

🚬 📷 ☕️

i c a n ' t s h a k e i t .

quitting everything 2 b a full time uncle ✌️c ya ✌️️

well . i had a big ol post written out . . . but maybe i'll just try to be simple . here is my holiday wish for u and for me and for us . whoever u r , whatever u r , wherever u find urself , i hope u feel loved and supported and appreciated and accepted and celebrated . if u don't get that from ur friends or ur family or that little voice in ur head , take it from me . if u see this , know i appreciate u . know u r important to me. know u r special and unique and a gift . the things that make us * weird * make us special . let's celebrate them in each other . let's celebrate them in ourselves . pls join me in sending a special bit of warmth and love and support for our lgbtq friends out there . i know it can be difficult to go home for some of us , just stay you and stay true and know that you are loved . i may jump off of here for a bit to be w fam . if i do , i'll see ya soon : ) love u .

thk u @spotify . ✌️

whelp . i'm about to play my last show of the year . . . heh i can't believe it ! can't believe what a year it's been . i think i've counted ( w the help of @leahduce 🙃 ) 74 shows since signing with @epicrecords just a few months ago . i have cried on stages all over this country . . . i guess world actually ! w h o a . weird . hehe . i am so so thankful for all of this . to @epicrecords and @la_reid for seeing something in me . for seeing M E . i feel so much myself rite now . more than ever before . to get so much support from every single one of u that's come out to a show or sent me a little message or given me a snickers or a teddy bear or a hug . . . it blows my mind and it pumps my heart up so much it feels like it's gonna explode . ur love and support overwhelm me . we're already routing shows for 2 0 1 7 . i can't wait to cry and play songs and smile and hug and talk and tell stories and share too much personal information with all of u . thank u thank u thank u . from the bottom of my insecure little heart and the darkest corner of my fucked up little head , thank u . this pic was taken from one of the most special shows of the year . . . @wkrq in cincinnati just a week or so ago . 📷 by a very talented girl @kelsey_boeing . thank u kelsey so much for this pic : )

me ft. bench . 📷 : @eliot_lee_hazel . p o l k a d o t s by @paulsmithdesign . p e n n i e s by @prada .


🕴 // repost : @billboard // #womeninmusic // head - to - toe @paulsmithdesign // 📷 : @meredithjenks // tune in to @lifetimetv monday dec12 ( t m r w ) at 9pm ET to watch the show // i got to honor @iiswhoiis w a performance of her beautiful song "warrior" .

bb face .

here i go . phewf . what a day . i left the show in dc last nite to drive to nyc to perform at @billboard #womeninmusic . because . they honored one of my bestest friends and biggest inspirations , @iiswhoiis , with the trailblazer award . catch was she had no idea i was even coming hehe . oh boy oh boy oh boy . where to start . kesha , i am so so humbled and honored ( to be quite honest , i can't believe any of this happened heh ) to have been there to support you and perform one of your songs and celebrate with you . you have inspired me . you continue to inspire me . as an artist and as a person . your heart is bigger than the earth . your mind is made of magic . your words are simple and bold and honest and good and true . you are fearless as a creator , and you are fearless as a person . i know it's so cliche to say , but you truly are a trailblazer and you truly are a warrior . your honesty and vulnerability and wisdom and strength and courage . oof . these are all cliche words that can seem so meaningless , but . . . they all ring true for you . so so true . you are truly you . and you inspire me to be truly me . and you inspire millions and millions of people to be truly them . ( you L I T E R A L L Y inspire M I L L I O N S of people ) . wow wow wow . i am so lucky to call you a friend and a sister and a collaborator . you have my whole heart .

it's all so s m a l l from up here .

b r i t e r t h a n s u n s h i n e . @philsmithies


c h e e k y . . . 📷 : @philsmithies

dinos on my sweater . . . ready to play @thetalkcbs . . . tune in at 2pm et / 1pm pt / ct

portrait of a diva .

copenhagen to stockholm to berlin to amsterdam and now i'm putting finishing touches on a special song called "poetry" tonite in london . . .

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