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Welcome Skateboards @welcomeskateboards

If you're against us you will be promptly cursed. Dealer inquiries or support pls email contact@welcomeskateboards.com


You are fucking cheating yourself if you haven't watched the @willblaty part up on @thrashermag . Bio link up in da bio ☝️

@thrashermag has gone live with @willblaty #FETISHVID part. This will (no pun intended) thrill you and make you very excite. 🍒 link in bio ☝️

Whilst we are the subject of @ryan_lay . Here is his wand of choice in which he conjures his spells. Inferno (new graphic avail this week) on Stonecipher. 🕯🔮🕯

Link in bio of something bio. Nollie hippie? @ryan_lay so messed up! Check @thrashermag website for the entire act.

@thrashermag has @ryan_lay FETISH part up for 24hrs. Is he goofy or regular or both? What the fuck Ryan!!!! 😱 link in bio ☝️

Starting tomorrow, select parts (1 a day/24hrs) and the full Fetish video will be up on the @thrashermag website for a very limited time. Snooze and you will ooze disappointment. 😘

Get to know our sect a little better over on the @thrashermag website. Link in bio ☝️

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight 😘. That was crazy. We love you and we are nothing without you. 🌹

TONIGHT!!! 7PM sharp! Join us for a sexy seance at the Yost Theater, Santa Ana. If your fashionably late you may unfashionably miss it. 🕯🔮🕯

@rickness @dvargs @ryantownley have this beautifully filmed 🔥Line on the @thrashermag website. 📹: @richievaldez

UPDATE!!! We were able to open up some more tickets for sale for this Friday's premiere at the Yost in Santa Ana, CA 7PM Get them while you can 🌹. Link in the bio ☝️

Well these showed up today. Available for order now and shipping next week. 🕯🔮🕯

@jasonsalillas & @ryantownley ollie flap jumps. 📹: @dvargs

On January, Friday 13th allow romance to ensnare your heart and join us for the premiere of Fetish at 7PM at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA. @girltears_ & @thesideeyes have been kind enough to agree to be the evenings appetizers. Tickets are already sold out (😱) but maybe you know someone who knows someone. At worst check with your local shop if they will premiere or have the DVD for sale.

Good samaritan @ryan_lay sharpening the points on this fence with his broomstick . 📷: @kyleseidler

New Webisode up 💐. Link in our profile ☝️ (filmed and edited by @ryan_lay )

New webisode link in bio☝️. I hope tomorrow night your feet get loose and fancy free like @ryantownley . Happy New Year everyone.

I cannot wait for you to see @willblaty in Fetish. No, like serious...he gets so fucking bio

Some @noravexplora action from @adidasskateboarding awaydays trip in OZ

I think you are going to like the dish that @jasonsalillas cooked up in #fetish 💐

@ryan_lay wielding his wheelie wand with his feet...in broad daylight!!! 🕯🔮🕯

Look at this handyman 👋@american_goure_story go

@ryantownley contemplating the need for wheels.

@top.roman healing spell has finally taken effect 🕯🔮🕯 📹 : @heshwes

@willblaty is holiday joy on a skateboard. 🎄

@owlcat casually levitating on a broomstick 📸: @jgrantbrittain

@ryan_lay taking a break from his office job @skateafterschool to create some magic 🔮

@ryan_lay still dealing with footnotes after college. 📹: @theorydoor

I think @noravexplora would be happy if Missy, Kate Bush or Olivia NJ was in everyone of her clips. 💃🏼

@american_goure_story tech tootsies

@willblaty so hot right now🔥🔥🔥.

Via astral projection from Japan, @kentyoshioka giving David Blaine some street magic competition 🔮. 📹: @dive_pictures

Unstructured Scrawl hats for your unstructured mind. 🎩

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