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Now you see me.
By Sandy Nicholson.

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Nice to see the new campaign with Hugh Jackman for MasterCard out there and looking great.
This is one in a series shot last year in New York and Australia, the rest will be out soon.
A huge thanks to the creative genius Peter Hibberd and the amazing Annette Fausboll of @uglyupdate who made the long and tough days such a joy.

We belong to the sea. ⠀
📷 Callaghan Walsh.

Jump! Just do it. ⠀
By Nina Choi.

Stopping by.⠀
By Klaus Thymann.⠀
See the full series here:⠀

Wishing you a happy and soulful 2017.
#producerpix #letscreateart

Dreamy textures.⠀
By Juli Balla.

Sydney love.

It's how I fill the time. Thinking too much, flirting with melancholy. - Breath, Tim Winton. ⠀
📷 by Lenne Chai.⠀

The end.
Oil on canvas by Gerardo Yan.
#museuminspiration #endoftheroad #producerpix

Connect the dots. ⠀
Hair and Makeup by Andrea Claire.⠀
Photography by Regen Chen.⠀
Model Peace Haje. ⠀

Jackaroos at sunset.
Incredible time spent shooting with the McLartys earlier this year. Amazing family. And so talented on horseback.
Films directed by Mike Rogers.
@annabelmclarty @katherineoutbackexperience @persistentproductions @scottawoodward @reu1989 @megshea

More is more. 📷 Scott Woodward.

Angels are everywhere. ⠀
Hair by Franco Vallelonga.⠀
Photo by Meiji Nguyen

Dream with eyes open.
Pioneer ad by Peter Lau & Robbie Bempasciuto.

Built a huuge wall with a great team.
For our last day of shoot in Thailand.
#producerpix #bts #thailandshoot

Emociones. ⠀
Photography by Hernan Churba⠀
Check out the #shortfilm here:⠀

Choose your own adventure.
Photography by Scott Woodward.

Life imitates art.
Photography by Juli Balla.

What adventures await on the next page.
By Callaghan Walsh.

By Scott Woodward.

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it. - Edward Steichen.

Scott Woodward and Chantal Windley chasing light and portraits.
#producerpix #makingportraits

Turn the lights down low.
Directed by @bencookphoto

Make the city sound better.
Directed by @klausthymann.
Featuring UK speed skater Awadh Mohammed.
For Danish brand AIAIAI.

Preproduction meeting.
#producerpix #ilovenewyork

Step forward.
Photography by David Higgs.

White is not a mere absence of colour;
it is a shining and affirmative thing,
as fierce as red, as definite as black. - G.K. Chesterton
Photo by Nina Choi.

Ready to face the week.
Photography by Jon Higgs.

Dreams upon the wings of imagination.
Photography by Ben Cook

Photography by Juli Balla.

Reflect your state of mind.
Photography by David Byun.

Flamingo. Flamenco.
Last day of shoot.
#producerpix #greatlocation

Keep on seeking.
Photo by Peter Lau #peterlau_sg

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