T-Pain @tpain

Feel Like I'm Haitian out now 🇭🇹 🚨🚨🚨


Some ppl get. Thanx bro


When you got that glooooooooow

Everybody hands go..... Well I guess not as "up" as I thought. Still work tho.

Shit look like I'm riding a minstrel cycle lol

When you got dat glo like #bruceleeroy

#Perth We Lit

#RedLife we in here. I keep tellin y'all shit bout to..... maaaaaaaannn @hennynhoes @bigsav007 @kalmkeyz @yerreli @_blujayy @_smokegod__ @cocoandbreezy

Celebrate life more. Wit the Pinky out because I'm classy 😂 @ryanhadji

The problem isn't me telling the truth, the problem is your lack of patience. @marshmellomusic tell em pls bro

#ThePizzleRoll at @vuubistro Shrimp tempora topped wit spicy mayo, crab, and mucho lagosta! With an additional lagosta tail with all the seasoning in the known universe. Gon head and cop dat

Man. I remember watching @vdotkelly , this little girl on #GullahGullahIsland and thinkin "what a great life she has, I mean she has her own personal giant frog and everything! Plus these mfs ain't been to school not ONCE!" Jesus I wanted to live there. Then. The #keenanandkel show dropped then I was like "man. What a terrible life she has. She's surrounded by idiots lol." THEN I met her. Coolest and smartest person on earth (after my wife. POINTS PLEASE!?) and she's still the same way now. She introduced me to @jrbland a few years ago and I can see why they're friends. Makes total sense. Now they're doing there own thing and I fuckin feel like they both came out of my balls and I couldn't be more proud. Check it. This is #Giants @giantstheseries

Like some damn kids, these two. Shit was too quiet. I had to pop up on em

Man my homie @pauldtheripy said he don't remember me DJing in Tallahassee and until I just reminded him of all the shit I did, shit, I totally forgot the journey. Shit was crazy quick but super important to who I am now. Thank you to all the DJs that helped my slow learning ass out lol. RIP #SkippaChuck #FIIIIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH @countyboyz @djdemp @djdap @marcomall #THB #TallahasseHotBoys @serm_7hillz EVERYBODY!!! I don't know all y'all niggas instagrams lol

Walkin around target. Jokingly told my wife "I'm gonna cook for you tonight". She laughed. I got mad that she laughed. Needed to prove a point. Cooked for the second time in my life. Killed it. Mission accomplished She's not laughing anymore. But also mission failed because she wants me to cook all the time now. Don't know if I won or lost this.

My crib bout to be lit bro 🔥

I have the kind of schizophrenia where everybody else can hear all the voices in my head too. Right guys? *answers myself "yes"... 4 times* @javihooch #SuperMoonSuperSoon @DreM00n

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