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I have a new #RawRepetition of @thefellers, @abdiasrivera and @tonytave now playing on @berrics

New #RawRepetition of @suskawoo playing now on @berrics

Fuck 2016 but I'm grateful for all the traveling, new friends and good times. Let's keep it going in 2017.

A little late but Merry Christmas Lucy! Thanks @marc_nava!

The second annual Merry Mutha Fuckin' Christmas featuring @coreyduffel

@nick_merlino switch backside 360ed Rincon 3 times one day. Watch his #RawRepetition of all the attempts up on @berrics now. Link in bio.

Thankful for making it to another year of life and doing what I love. Thank you to everyone in my life. I fucking love you all.

Watch @twistthewrist battle this 50-50 on the top ropes in the new #RawRepetition up on @berrics.

Went to Chicago and came back with a #GramYoSelfie with @santacruzskateboards. Full edit up on @berrics!

Happy birthday @_travesura

I have a #RawRepetition up on @berrics of @daneburman vs. El Toro. Link in bio.

Thank you @gnarwhaljake for nailing it once again!

Congrats @colewilson___ you're fucking pro!

Old kickflip from 2011. Skating and having fun with my friends always gets me hyped. Thanks for filming @mattbublitz!

Happy birthday @frankieheck! Here's some of my favorite clips we've filmed throughout the years. @bronsonspeedco @spitfirewheels @thundertrucks @altamont @shakejunt

@walkerryan from his new @thundertrucks part. Go watch it if you haven't yet.

Thank you @brostyle for an amazing trip. Love you bros.

Stopped by Elvis' house with the bros today @brostyle

LB in NC @brostyle

Rest in peace Dylan. I only got to meet you once but skateboarding won't be the same without you. You will be missed.

We're fucked.

It rained today so here is @axelcrusher crushing it the last few days here in NC

Charlotte redemption success

"Dear Losers" is now playing over on @theskateboardmag! Link in bio. Thank you @altamont @subpop @chris_wimer @ryan_lay @ryantownley @neenowilliams @frankieheck @fatdan__ @de_marquis @johndilo @princeonion @kyleseidler @daaanbo for one of the best trips ever!

"Dear Losers" drops tomorrow on @theskateboardmag @altamont @subpop

@danplunkettt in the graveyard

Check out "The Sesh" up on @theskateboardmag of @trevormcclung @paulhart & @frankieheck

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