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Promotional campaigns for @volcomskate Holy Stokes! introduced a “Stoke-O-Meter” ranging from “Holy Shit!” to “Holy Stokes!” After watching this grand blockbuster follow-up to True To This, we’d categorize the visuals as “Un-Stoking-believable!” Master lensman @russellhoughten pulled out all the stops—playing with perspective, ambitious follow cams, drones steadily creeping into the strato-sphere—and the end product is a cinematic thing of beauty; an apt showcase for its su-perstar team. This was #RealLifeHappening… from every conceivable angle. @runeglifberg, frontside five-0 // Nude Bowl #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

@tino_razo's book "Party In The Back" with #anthologyeditions is done and available today for pre-order! 👉Link in bio👈

@dashawnjordan, Frontside noseslide // Greensboro, North Carolina 📷:@rodent516 #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

@jamie_foy, Kickflip frontside five-0 // Inland Empire, California 📷:@paulomacedoo #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

In 2015, we said what the whole world was thinking: @bradcromer has the best style. Then in February, as if to say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Cromer released his debut Pro shoe for @hufworldwide with a pitch-perfect part to support it. For a few minutes, you’re in Cromer’s subtropical world. Of course, the shoe looks amazing—understated and classic—but it’s the video that truly vulcanizes Cromer as a distinct style icon. Nollie frontside heelflip // Los Angeles, California. 📷:@jacobmessex #TheSkateboardMag156

Starting his year in recovery from a burst appendix, Belgium’s @axelcrusher had his work cut out for him in 2016. But he officially turned Am for @toymachine in June—in the midst of @volcomskate’s #HolyStokes! frenzy—with a heavy introduction and it dovetailed nicely with his frequent output for @nbnumeric. A part in @lucasfiederling’s Where We Come From (released on our site this year) reinforced that Axel is Belgium’s greatest import since Jean Claude Van-Damme. Hurricane // Charlotte, North Carolina 📷: @rodent516 #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

"@b3n_k could go viral" —@loginlava

@dashawnjordan, hardflip // Greensboro, North Carolina. 📷:@rodent516 #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

@jamie_foy, the current face of powerful Floridians migrating to Cali, made everyone feel lazy this year. He put out four full parts by the end of summer, totaling ten minutes. Each part, with utterly perfect Smith and crooked grinds, stands as a testament to Jamie’s status as “The Pinchiest Homie.” Add to that his continual string of welcome clips and tour footage, plus he was a fixture at Am contests throughout 2016. Jamie chomped it all up, and gave all of us a lot to binge on. Frontside five-0 📷:@atibaphoto #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

Happy Birthday @kwalks! Gap to frontside 180 manual 180 out. 📷:@aacostaa #TheSkateboardMag156

This year, after twenty years as a professional skateboarder, @nolimitsoldier revealed that he is gay. Coming out can be an agonizing experience—the anxiety and fear traumatizes many—but for Brian Anderson, the first revered Pro to take this step, it was all love. What do you know—we are an inclusive community! Thanks to his courage, B.A. reaffirmed that we really are linked in a deep way that can’t be intellectualized or sold, and we’re practicing what we preach. 📷:@mehringsbearings #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

@skankiee, wallride backside tailslide 📷:@morfordmedia #TheSkateboardMag156

@converse_cons released a video by @mandibleclaw, taking a page from the world of stop motion animation, proving once and for all: @zeredbassett rips.

"When you’re classified as an official Am, it means a lot. It keeps me hungry, keeps me motivated to take it to the next level." —@dashawnjordan, nollie flip crook 👉Year’s Best Am Gallery in bio👈 📷:@rodent516 #TheSkateboardMag156 #YB16

Happy Birthday @pduffplanb! 📷:@rodent516

It’s an honor for us to call @dashawnjordan the 2016 Year’s Best Am. He killed it! Check out these photos from #TheSkateboardMag156, out now! 👉Full Gallery in bio👈 📷:@atibaphoto #YB16

@thatsonme rolling out with @ishodwair over the weekend. 📷: @atibaphoto

@zeredbassett, Frontside feeble // Newark, New Jersey. 📷:@rube_ #TheSkateboardMag156

#TheSkateboardMag156 is out now! 👉Click the link in bio to see what’s inside👈

“The EAST COAST has definitely shaped the way I skate. I’m going to rep it the best I can!”—@zeredbassett, Switch flip pivot // Albany, New York. 📷:@rube_ #TheSkateboardMag156

Congrats @ronniesandoval_nfc on going PRO for @krooked! 📷:@atibaphoto

Since 2005, every Year’s Best Am has gone on to bigger and better things. 2015’s Year’s Best Am, @masonsilva, carries on the tradition with a much bigger 360 flip. 📷:@aacostaa #TheSkateboardMag155

“I love traveling but I’m always really psyched to come back to the EAST COAST.” —@zeredbassett, alley oop backside noseblunt slide. Brisbane, Australia. 📷:@rube_ #TheSkateboardMag156

Happy Birthday @tomasta! 📷:@shigeophoto

@zeredbassett, one of skateboarding’s true groundbreaking “ambidextrous” pioneers, is dedicated to the East Coast. 👉Eastern Promise Feature from #TheSkateboardMag156 in bio👈 Switch flip // Boston, Massachusetts 📷:@rube_

#TheSkateboardMag156 is the “Year’s Best” issue, and we're introducing 2016’s best Am via a gnarly sequence on the Hollywood 16 rail. @dashawnjordan’s frontside 270 lipslide on the cover is just the beginning: there’s also a feature on @jamie_foy; an extended ode to the East Coast with @zeredbassett in “Eastern Promise”; photos of all ten #Populist2016 contenders; and dozens of year’s best categories accompanied by some of the year’s best photos. 👉Click the link in bio to scoop a copy👈 📷:@atibaphoto #YB16

Our "Year's Best Issue" for 2016 is available now, featuring #Populist2016, #YBam, @zeredbassett's "Eastern Promise" feature, and dozens of Year's Best categories! 👉Click the link in bio to see what’s inside👈 #YB16 #TheSkateboardMag156

@scram_earth_skii, backside boneless in Seattle, Washington 📷:@daveswift01 #TheSkateboardMag155

Happy Birthday @currencaples! Feebs for the cover of #TheSkateboardMag117 📷:@aacostaa

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