Jourdan Sloane☽ in NYC

Jourdan Sloane☽ in NYC @thelimitdoesnotexistt

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Blue jean baby

Matcha average lunch, thanks so matcha for having me @chachamatcha

1-800-gimefries 🍟

Got toasty ❄️🍷with the girls at @selrrose yesterday 💥Thanks for having us 💣

Matching? 😈👼🏼 Which is your favorite? Tag the person you'd wear these looks with 💥 @nicolemillernyc

Different flavors, same shirt 💕💚 @chachamatcha @nicolemillernyc

Pointing out every cafe and restaurant everywhere I go everyday. 😋 @nicolemillernyc

Guys it's Friday the 13th and this date does not lie.

This photo was taken 3 minutes before my bag of clothes that I was planning on shooting today was snatched off the street after putting it directly next to me out of the photo frame. This bag included my favorite pair of jeans and my pink @gucci bag that I'm sure you ALL have seen me shoot with 100 times. This is a public service announcement. NYC is a small city and if you see anyone wearing this bag on the street, ask them when they got it/ where. It may seem like I'm spoiled for having such a bag to begin with; however, like most of you, I work my butt off and save for what I have! This bag is discontinued and one of a kind. It would mean the world to me if you all kept a lookout for the whoever this sleaze ball is that stole it while I wasn't paying attention. Lesson learned, never put ANYTHING down on the street in NYC. Not even for a second, because it'll be gone in the blink of an eye. 💕😭

This weather is teasing me 😈

Doing things ☕️

Literally this emoji 🌼🌼🌼

If pictures are worth 1000 words, I wonder how many times I could describe how cold I am 💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼‍♀️💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼

You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses 🌹 Thanks for having me @renleparc ❤️

When the sunlight provides zero warmth 😬❄️

Monday's aren't so bad if you just day dream 💭

Gone skiing ✌🏼️

It's a little cold out maybe

At the color block, where you at? ☎️

Stargirl 🤐

Up close n personal ✌🏼️all the details



Black trench coat saving my life after 20,000 baskets of baguettes 😂 Now, off the the gym...

Never settle for a life that's not completely your own. Wear what you like, never conform. Spend time with people that make you hysterically laugh and people that bring out the best version of you. Cut the people out that you don't harmonize with. Don't stress, even if you don't know what tomorrow brings. Do your thing, work hard, it'll all fall into place. And above all, trust your intuition, it's the most important thing to listen to.💙🇫🇷✌🏼️#2017

Militant 🖖🏼


Blue jean baby 👼🏼🍰


When the sky is grey wear blue 💤⭐️🌙🌚

Outskirts of Paris👾 So much to see and so little timeee

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