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Cleaning out my failing computer I came across this bit of nostalgia from late November 2011 in Levanto, Italy. An insanely surreal and rewarding experience standing in a moment that you had only dreamt of and worked tirelessly at over the 15+ years before. The emotions, visible in my body language and expressions, come flooding back when I watch now. I still can't and likely never will put them into words.
Thanks for capturing this moment so I can relive it forever @gypsysurfmumma even if I do have to watch half of it sideways 😂😘 #tbt #hangandbang #liveyourdreams

Latest project, dining table just in time for Christmas dinner!

Last months home renovation project. Thoroughly enjoyed making this bathroom vanity top with some help from my dad and @bahpat This particular piece of wood is known as "Parota" or a Guanacaste Tree. Native to Central America it was a live edge slab from Mexico purchased through @exotichardwoods is Carlsbad. Love the way the saw marks look under the epoxy gloss coat. Already thinking about the next woodworking project!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife. Incredible mother and partner, so greatful for having you in my life! @gypsysurfmumma thanks for the pic @honoluablomfield

A gut wrenching 3rd Place in the World will have to do. Not at all the result I came here chasing but life goes on. It's been another incredible year chasing waves around the planet with @gypsysurfmumma and Jags. When you come in after a heartbreaking loss and are met by the 2 most beautiful and amazing girls in the world things get put into perspective real quick! A huge congrats go out to @philrajzman we have had some amazing battles in the last 13years, stoked to see you win another World Title! And the biggest thank you to @firewiresurfboards @mannkine for making me the best boards on the planet! It a priveledge to be able to work with such talent! Thank you to @oceancurrent @futuresfins @onamissionsurf @surfride @surftrump555 for the ongoing support and enabling me to keep living the dream!

Women's action kicking off in 5min! Go wifey!!! @gypsysurfmumma

One from yesterday... No surfing action for the men today, check in tomorrow for the 7:30am China time call. Forecast and tides look promising to get back underway with round 4! Photo @wsl @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @onamissionsurf @surftrump555 @surfride @mannkine @futuresfins

Little drone footage of my 6.93 from Round 1 of the @wsl World Longboard Championships here in China. Looking forward to Round 3 today and to watching wifey @gypsysurfmumma in round 4! @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @mannkine @futuresfins @surftrump555 @onamissionsurf @surfride

Slow start to this years campaign. Into round 2 tomorrow after a wave starved round one. Didn't feel like I got the opportunity to get out of first gear. At least it's the right round to have a shocker. 😜Tomorrow's a new day and hopefully a much bigger/better one surf wise! Thanks everyone for the well wishes and support! @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @futuresfins @mannkine @surftrump555 @surfride @onamissionsurf

It's on! WSL Women's world Longboard Championships starts now! @gypsysurfmumma is heat 6!

Likely start to the @wsl World Longboard Championships tomorrow morning 8am Local time. Looking forward to getting things underway in hopefully fun conditions at Riyue Bay! (Sorry don't know who took the photo from last year) @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @surftrump555 @surfride @futuresfins @onamissionsurf

The 2017 @surfride calendar is out, perfect stocking stuffer for the surfer in your life. #SRCAL17 #surfride shot from @rocketmanrb56

It's not all lefts....

Another day, another empty lineup. Crazy to watch this break all day completely unridden knowing how crowded it would be anywhere else in the world. I guess pointbreak solitude can still exist if you know where to look! #peoplesrepublicofemptywaves @lemeridienhotels #destinationunlocked

Found this today...

The things you find in old computers. Telo Islands Circa 2007-2008. 📸 @swillpics

Driving my @firewiresurfboards #TJpro off the bottom yesterday. Been really enjoying the little extra juice in the ocean lately. 📸 @rocketmanrb56 @oceancurrent @mannkine @surfride @surftrump555 @futuresfins @onamissionsurf @worldlongboarding #longboarding #timbertek

Thanks to all involved in putting together the @longboardprosurf event last weekend. Waves were firing and conditions couldn't have been better! 📸 from the final by @rocketmanrb56 @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @surftrump555 @mannkine @surfride @futuresfins @onamissionsurf

Day 2 of the @longboardprosurf kicks off this morning. Yesterday was interesting, let's see what today brings 📸 @rocketmanrb56! @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @mannkine @surftrump555 @onamissionsurf @futuresfins @surfride

Gotta love the boys @surfride for throwing me up on the window! If you need anything go check them out, they got it all dialed. 👊📸 @jamestull @firewiresurfboards @oceancurrent @mannkine @onamissionsurf @surftrump555 @futuresfins

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